My “Fikkle’s Away” To-Do List

As you can see from the previous post, Fikkle is stuck traveling to Icelandfor a week. He isn’t minding the trip, but the prospect of not having Internet for a week is killing him! I’m not a fan of it either, but I will get over it, as I have lots of friends to play wow with…don’t I? …Hello?…Anyone out there?…

So, I’ve compiled a list of things I want to accomplish before Fikkle returns next week.

11. I have a few mid 20’s toons that I now have a desire to lvl to 30 so they can get their mount when the patch hits. Yay cheap-low-lvl-mounts!

10. Transfer over my lvl 42 paladin from Earthen Ring, and get his talent points in order, and get him regeared to heal. I have a friend who has been playing for a few months and is almost 40 with his first toon. It will be nice having a toon I can play to help him out, and goof off more with him.

9. Actually do my daily quests. I am in the process of helping Spinrock save his gold for his epic flying mount. Mostly because he ownes my soul up until he point that he gets his.( He gave me 1800G when I was ready to buy mine, with the promise that I help him get his next. So here I am.)

8. Get Spinrock his flying mount so I can get this debt off of my head!!!! How? See number 8.

7. Catch up on all of the blogs that I haven’t read in almost a week. It’s been busy here, and I’ve spent a ton of time in game. BRK, Tobold, BBB, and Bre are the only ones I’ve kept up on religiously. Now for everyone else!!!

6. Lvl my new warlock. She is a female orc, as I decided that I didn’t like my undead warlock, and would rather lvl a new one to 54 to catch him, than transfer my lock to this server. Plus, he is on a pvp server, so if I decided  to go back, I have a highish lvl toon.  I’d like to get her to 30 before the mount price goes down, that would rock!

5. Get two pieces of the new honor gear(season 2 arena gear) when it becomes available on Tuesday. Currently, I have almost enough honor points for the chest piece, and the marks to go with it, so it shouldn’t be too tough grabbing the gloves as well, they are pretty cheap.

4. Send all of the delicious cave mold on Cenarian Circle server to grimshott in single stacks. Hehehe, this is so funny and mean. (Although not as funny now with all of the mail mods, back in the day, it would take weeks to clean out your mailbox!)

3. Do some lagitimate work. I have one more week, counting today, before I go on vacation for 4 weeks! Three of those weeks I will be around where I can play wow! SWEET! I have to do all kinds of fun stuff, like catch up on evaluations, finish up IPP reports, and make sure all of the TPS reports have cover sheets ….didn’t you get the memo?

2. Read on-line comics at work the rest of the week. If I push through all of the work I need to do this week, I can be done by tomorow morning. That will leave a crap ton of time to read ctr+alt+del, catch up on pvp, keep up with looking for group, and get around to all of the My Extralife stuff as well.

1. And the top item I NEED to accomplish while Fikkle is away, WRITE MORE POSTS!!!!! Specifically the few I have sitting in storage for you all, like one called ” I PVPed on the Fire” It promises to be a great read!


So, I have a busy week ahead of me, but all of it looks fun, so I better get to those blasted TPS reports before the boss finds me and has me work Saturday…

Keeping things safe while Fikkle’s away,



2 Responses to “My “Fikkle’s Away” To-Do List”

  1. You’re luck you included number one, cause I was thinking, “I’m SO writing that in the comments if he doesn’t say it” while I was reading…

  2. I’m on it yo!

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