An Epic, If Misunderstood Quest

So as we all know the Mid-Summer Fire Festival started this week.  I looked at a couple of the reward options (from the vendor) and wasn’t really all that impressed.  There really wasn’t anything at all that I wanted for either Fikkle or Grimshott.  The only thing that I was remotely interested in was the non-combat pet, the Spirit of Summer. 

However, on Friday I started a new alt (I know, I know).  So anyways, he was level 7 when I logged Friday, and I was on early Saturday and was able to get him up to level 11 when a few guildies logged on.  Talk then started about the festival.  The more I got to thinking, I figured it would be nice to have a rare-ish non-combat pet for my Shammy.  Grim runs around with Bananas while Fikkle has his Mana Wyrmling.  So I decided that after I finished my Fire Totem quest chain that I’d start collecting the Burning Blossoms for the pet.  The pet cost 350 Blossoms.  Each of your faction’s fires that are honored grant 5 Blossoms, while each of the opposing faction’s fires that are put out grant 10. 

Normally, I would’ve tried for the daily quests to get my 350 Blossoms, however, all of next week I’m going to be travelling to Iceland and not sure of whether I’ll be able to sign in.  So I started running.  When it was all said and done I had visited all but five fires in Azeroth (and none in Outlands).  The only ones that I missed were the two in Silithus, the two in the Burning Steppes and the one in Western Plaguelands.  I also got almost all of the possible flight points in the game, and managed to level to 15 just from discovery experience and turning in the festival quests.

18 hours after I began I logged out for the night, three blossoms short.  Sunday morning I logged in, completed one of the dailies and received five more blossoms and purchased my pet.  When I announced in guild chat I was told that I had to blog about this wacky adventure.  Nimrock even suggested a beginning for the tale: “It was a dark day when young Maharaja began his epic, if misunderstood quest, to capture the flame of summer.”

So for any lowbies out that that you may want to get some festival rewards, have faith, it is possible!



One Response to “An Epic, If Misunderstood Quest”

  1. “So for any lowbies out that that you may want to get some festival rewards, have faith, it is possible, yet stupid beyond belief!!!”

    I fixed your quote!

    Seriously though, grats dude, I didn’t think it could be done! You proved me wrong, and now I’m glad to see lil’ sparky fluttering around behind ya!

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