We Didn’t Leave a Legacy, We Took It Home With Us!

So our guild has started to set up Kara raids for Thursdays, meaning… Last night was Kara night.  And O, t’was it a good night!  It seems that the Kara god loves Grim!  If you recall, my first time through, I picked up a very shiny new bow, and this time was no less rewarding!  Group make up was extremely good.  For tanking we had two Prot Paladins (guildies).  On heals we had a Holy Priest and Resto Shaman (PUGs) and on dee pee ess we had two 1337 BM Hunters (lolz), a Rogue (guildie), Fury Warrior (guildie), a Boomkin (PUG) and a Demo Warlock (PUG).  So a 6 person guild member run with 4 PUGs, a couple of which are friends of our Raid Leader Pally.  I think the composition was pretty good, as we had some serious pew pew and only a few times did anyone actually die.  And two prot paladins in Kara? Holding aggro wasn’t an issue. 

A lot of decent loot dropped, and I don’t remember it all, but only we only had one void crystal when we ended for the night, so most everything was being used by someone.  Attumen dropped the Worgen Claw Necklace, a very nice neck piece.  I rolled a 1.  Abadon then rolled a 44 and we both lost to Reav, the Fury Warrior.  On to Moroes and it was my first time having to trap one of the adds for this fight (Abadon’s first as well I think).  But we were both assigned to trap one target, so /nosweat.  It broke after the other kill adds were down and by this time we couldn’t pull aggro back, so we all burned him down without a problem.  We’ll have to work on maintaining aggro in between trapping so that it doesn’t beeline for the squishies.  Anyways, Moroes proceeded to go splat and left us with Edgewalker Longboots.  Both Abadon and I rolled (iirc) and I won.  On to the not-so-virtuous Maiden and she was another one-shot, leaving the Bracers of Maliciousness.  I was the only one they were an upgrade for, so grats to me!… again!

After we beat them into a few nice shiny red stains on the ground, we went to the Opera for the evening show and were treated to the Wizard of Oz.  First time I’d seen this event, so I was pretty excited, although a little disappointed since it was the one that I’d wanted to see on my Mage.  Fire Mage tank ftw!  Strawman be warned!  Anyways, one-shot later, the old Crone decided to leave behind a Legacy, and Grim took it home with him! This was truly the highlight of the night for me, obviously!  So I was pretty stoked about it and I remember whispering to Abadon “wow” about five or six times and then “speechless” once or twice.  Luckily for me that Abadon has his season 3 2H Axe since I only rolled a 2! :s

Anyways, we easily took care of them and moved on to the Curator.  First attempt was a dismal failure and ended in our second wipe.  The first wipe occured minutes before when I was apprently standing too far away from the wall while killing trash and managed to catch aggro from the big guy himself. Anyways, on we went to attempt number two where we had him down during the second evocate, as opposed to dying during the fifth.  :s  Curator dropped the Tier 4 gloves for Paladin/Rogue/Shaman I believe and not sure what else.  Grats to our Guild Leader Savageblade on picking up his gloves!

After Curator, we pushed on but our Boomkin dc’d on the way to Aran, and never returned.  We attempted Aran with only nine people and had him down to about 20 or 30% – ish before we wiped.  Since it was late we decided to call it and re-attempt tomorrow night.

So, all in all, this was an amazing night for me.  My Hunter got some serious upgrades and is itching to get back in there and down some more of those potential blood stains.  And for all of the Hunters who’ve drooled over Legacy through many a painful Kara run, I’m sorry and don’t mean to rub it in, but WE HAZ LEGACY EH!

Remind me to sacrifice a few Gnomes to the loot gods as payment!


2 Responses to “We Didn’t Leave a Legacy, We Took It Home With Us!”

  1. You are your Legacy. 😉 Congratulations! I’m still waiting on that drop. The random event hasn’t been friendly with me.

  2. Hey thanks :D. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be upgrading it to an Arena weapon if I can so it probably won’t be around that long, but I’m thinking I’ll probably put it in the bank as a momento for one of those “Back when everyone was just 70….” stories.

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