We Hit 10K!!!!!!!1

We Hit 10, 000 lifetime site views today!  Now I do realize some of these are repeat offenders (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!… I mean, welcome back :D), but still, this is a new milestone for us, and I for one will be celebrating… Hrmmmm…. How to celebrate…


I’ll have to think of something.  Although right now I’m leaning towards a long and in-depth review of the mating habits of Warp Stalkers…. Seriously… How else am I going to steal some of the search results on google from Snake in the Grass?


Just kidding!


Thanks again for all of your patronage and your comments, its nice to know there are people out there on teh internethers!

PS, The spell check for this post is ‘working as intended’


4 Responses to “We Hit 10K!!!!!!!1”

  1. Lactic Acid Says:

    Woo-hooo! Congratuations! ^_^

  2. Congratulations! =)

  3. Thanks 😀

  4. We Rock!!!

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