Wrogged into the Long Toon…

Wow, what a week I’ve had. I feel like I’ve barely had a minute to myself, yet alone a minute to devote to Azeroth. I take that back, I have had a few brief stints in Azeroth over the past few days, just not enough time to blogg about it! Well, today folks is your lucky day! I’m going to catch you all up to speed on what’s up in the wonderful world of me!

Lets start with where I left last time. On Friday morning of last week, I went to the far off wonderful land of El Dorado Kansas, well, 40 miles on the other side anyway. There, I visited with the inlaws and decided to lvl my real life fishing skill. First of all, apparently This area was above my skill lvl, because I couldn’t catch a dang thing in the creek. Later that evening we went to a pond they owned and I was catching them like crazy. I caught 7 in 20 minutes! I want to say they were all deviate fish, but in reality they were all small sun perch and one midget bass. Well, he wasn’t really a midget, but he was small…

Upon returning home that Sunday, I caught up with Fikkle, aka Grimshott. He was neck deep in the Arathi Basin, defending the lumber mill against termites, alliance toons, and genetal warts…well, maybe just the alliance, but hey, we can all think he was doing his part to scare off the warts and termites too. I told myself I have about two hours before I have other commitmetns, lets jump in with him and see what kind of mess we can make.

An hour and a half later, I had racked up some impressive numbers. I had earned 3085 honore, had 24 Arathi Basin marks, and six Alteric Valley marks. That’s not bad for an hour and a half, but, the real impressive numbers are still to come! Of the seven Arathi Basin we were in, we won all seven. Wait, there’s still more..of those seven wins, five of them were five caps!!!

Fast forward to Monday of this week. I did a few more BG’s, turned in some marks for greater honore, and wala, I am now the proud owner of my galdiator shoulders. As of today, I have almost 8k honor, and am saving for my helmet next. I should have that by the end of the week, even though I have very limited play time this week. I’m also itching to get my alliance toons some play time as well.

Tuesday night I ended up running 2 battlegrounds to get my daily out of the way, wsg….I hate wsg. Then I logged over to see what Alg and Goz of the Alliacne were up too. Alg was in a tired mood, and wanted to hang out in Astranaar a bit longer, so I logged over to my hunter, Goz. His little dwarfness wanted to go get his pet, and he was only lvl eight at the time. So, he ran around the icy terrain of the dwarf zone outside Ironforge with no coat on. I tell you, one day he will get a bad cold doing that crap, and he’ll be stuck in some inn somewhere with the sniffles, while I want to go raid Orgrammar or something…selfish Dwarf.

Fikkle was on lvling his alliance hunter last night as well. He told me some surprising news, About a week back, I had left a comment at Twisted Nether that was a question for anupcoming interview with the famous BBB. Apparently the question got asked on the podcast! I haven’t heard the cast yet, but plan on listening to it right away, I wonder if they say my name right? I bet they did, Fim and Bre are doing a great job on their new podcast, I am looking forward to seeing what heights they can reach! Shoot for the stars guys.

By the end of last night I was so tired. I was running on redbull and twinkies…well, maybe not, but It was pure fumes for me. I had found out that their was almost no copper on the auction house, so I logged my bank toon to put up several stacks that were just waiting for the price to be right again. When I was logging back over to my hunter I accidentally logged in my paladin(All dwarfs look alike). I proceeded to tell fikkle over vent that I was sorry, I had Wrogged Over to the Long Toon. WOW, I was way out of it, and we both got a huge laugh over the fact that I was mixing up my words, and all but falling asleep at the wow.

Well, enough rambling here, Imma go get a cup o’ coffee! Until next time Azeroth bloggers, stay sexy!

~Uncle Sylus


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