Wading Through Now to be Prepared For WOTLICKEE

Just a quick side note before I get started.  I have started pronouncing WotLK as wot-LICK-ee and can’t see myself ever stopping.  It makes me chuckle every time I do. 😀


The Blog Azeroth Shared Topic for last week was about “Preparing For Wrath of the Lich King” (wot-LICK-ee).  I realize I’m a bit late to the shared topic, but I was thinking about this earlier today and wanted to talk about it anyways.  Since it fits into the shared topic, its going to be my contribution to the WoW Blogoshpere for the week.

So we all know that the evel cap in Wotlickee is going to go up to 80.  This is not news people.  I’ve noticed on some of the blogs I read and podcasts that I listen to, that people have mentioned this is going to make getting alts to endgame quite prohibitive.

Having 4 characters above level 60 at the moment, I’ve been through the level grind a few times now.  The first time, with my Mage, was alright because, well, I didn’t know any better and wanted to get my first character to 70.  The second time, with my Hunter, wasn’t all too bad either, since I did know better and new what to do and what not to do. 

I was actually leveling him before and after “The Great XP Change of 2007”.  When he first started out, I was xp grinding from killing mobs repeatedly until about level 30 when I wanted to die and never grind ever again.  So from there, I switched to Jame’s Horde Leveling Guide and used that until about level 50.  When I was at level 49, the patch hit with the changes to leveling.  On my hunter, I really only got to see the changes in effect for about 10 levels.  It actually didn’t make all that much of a change as the instead of it getting progressively harder to level into the 50s, the difficulty was scaled down to pretty much the same as it had been for me in the 40s.

And then he hit 60.  At that point, it was kind of like when you’re running on the beach out into the water.  While you’re on the sand, running is easy and fast.  Even when you first start to get into the water, its only ankle deep and not really slowing you down at all.  But there comes a point where you can’t lift you’re legs out above the water any more and you’re suddenly slowed to a very slow pace.  Then you have to wade out further until the water is deep enough that you can start swimming.

Levels 60-70 are like wading into the water and they really slow you down.  You know you want to get to the swimming part at 70, but you have to get through the not-too-deep part and not-too-shallow part of the water which requires you to wade.  At least now, its only 10 levels.  We all know it isn’t that bad, even though leveling slows down significantly.

But when Wotlickee starts, wading through the water is going to get twice as long, at least for the forseeable future.  Blizzard is well known for changing content as they see how it plays out, but they are also known for taking their time to do that.  This means that most of us will have been through that slog at least once or twice, and possible even more times than that.

So what is all this going to mean for us altaholics?  Well, as most altaholics generally have numerous characters, most of them are on the beach running.  There will be the odd one that we get out into the water and who will start to wade through all of this content yet again.  For most altaholics, the ones running on the beach, this won’t have too much of an impact.  But its those of us to start to wade out into the water again that are really going to be affected.

Having done this four times, I know that right about the time a character gets up to level 58-60, they start to get some really cool abilities, stuff they never had before.  When that happens, we generally feel like we want to get these toons to the endgame and go for a swim.  But with Wotlickee we’re going to be slowed from achieving this by the increased wading time to get there.

So getting our alts that we want to play into the endgame is going to take that much more time and be that much more frustrating.  If you already have most or all of your toons at 70 that you’ll want at 80, then you’re already ahead of the game.  If not, you’re going to have a lot of wading to do to get there.

This is kinda where I’m at right now.  I have a Druid at level 64 and a Priest at level 61-62ish that I’d like to have at the end game.  I also have my baby Alliance Dwarf Hunter who hasn’t even hit 30 yet that I’d like to one day have at the end game to do content with some of the great bloggers out there who only play Alliance side.

But getting all three of them to 70 before Wotlickee is not impossible.  And doing it now, before the expansion hits means that you’ll be able to spend more time in Northrend rather than wading through an empty Outland, not to mention the ease of getting groups for instances (now as opposed to then), or the lack of relevance a lot of the gear there will have when Northrend is open.

So get out there and start running or wading your way to being prepared for Wotlickee now.  Even if the game is scheduled to release before Christmas, there is still plenty of time to take a brand new toon from 1-70 if you really want to.

Metaphors hurt my head.



3 Responses to “Wading Through Now to be Prepared For WOTLICKEE”

  1. Lovely level grind. This is exactly why I’m building a Ret Set, also known as a WotLK Set, for my Paladin.

    If you’re just bringing a toon up, though (and I’m currently working on a Druid in the 20’s), it might be wise to just pause around 68. Currently, it is extremely easy to level to 59 and 60 if you jump to Outlands at 58. The XP granted by mobs is roughly double what you would have gotten back in Azeroth.

    Although it’s possible that there won’t be any XP inflation like this with WotLK, I doubt it. If there was no XP inflation, imagine how easy it would be to bang out a few levels running Shattered Halls or Black Morass.

    By waiting at 68 – and utilizing the higher xp mobs of WotLK – you just might cut down on the “wading time” for your character.

  2. Thats an excellent point. It would also allow you to build up your rested XP to its max potential prior to getting there. The only downside to this though is the difference in the ease of leveling if you have level 70 epics vice level 68 greens/blues.

    Thanks for the great comment again!


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