PvP Pointers for the BM Hunter

So with my recent BG insanity, I figured I might as well post about some of the lessons I learned while banging my head on the desk working toward my season 1 set.  Anyone who is a seasoned pvp’er will likely not find anything new here.  But if you’re looking for a few pointers, keep reading.  Oh, and while I realize the title says for the BM Hunter, most will apply to all Hunters and some of it is generic for anyone doing pvp.  But I play a BM Hunter and this is my post, dernit (Old Man Franks ftw!)


– Get your Medallion of the Horde/Alliance.  (The 2 min CD on this trinket is a godsend.  Get it.  Love it.)

– Get some Sta/Resil gear.  (Get the Rep gear if you have to.  Being able to survive long enough to allow a healer to land a heal or to get that 1 last shot in to kill your enemy DOES make a difference).

– Work together as a team. (If someone is taking the lead and suggestion a strategy, go with it.  A strategy > No strategy.)

– Control your pet.  (Your a BM Hunter right?  So master your beast and learn to control it.  Don’t let it LOS away from you where it can be burned down easily by your enemy.  Keep it within LOS to be able to heal it.  There’s nothing worse than having Intimidation and Beastial Wrath available as Kill Command procs and having no pet to use any of it with.)

– Use your stings effectively. (Serpent is especially great against Rogues, making them visible again after they’ve vanished.  Viper is effective against healers, whether they be a priest, pally, druid or shammy.  A healer with no mana isn’t.  And if you want to maybe gain an extra miss or two, throw Scorpid on that Warrior who’s trying to smush you.)

– Use Feign Death.  (Its not going to fool them for long, but a well timed Feign may be enough to cancel a spell cast or attack that avoids a major crit.  Its also good for making another Hunter’s pet turn around momentarily buying you some time, especially if their pet is big and red too.)

– Trap! Trap! Trap! INTELLIGENTLY. (Know which trap to use and when.  Snake traps are useless against mages and paladins that can AoE kill all the snakes instantly.  They are good for kiting Warriors though.  Frost traps likewise are great for kiting, warriors, rogues, feral druids.  And a well timed Freezing trap can be just what the doctor ordered if your adversary has some reinforcements on the way and you need to disengage and get far enough away to bandage up, or get back to friendly lines.

– Use Flares.  (They will likely be avoided by druids and rogues, but if used in conjunction with traps in a strategic area, you can force an enemy to walk right into one of your traps.  Then you can get the jump on them.  I love the smell of irony in the morning!).

– Track.  (Switch between your different tracking abilities to make sure you have a good picture of what is going on around you.  Use humanoid to see where the enemies are around you, beasts to see if any feral druids are running around and hidden if you’re in close looking for a stealther.  Situational awareness = survivability.

– Turn off Growl.  (A bit of motherhood maybe, but sometimes you just forget.  Make sure to turn it back on if you want your pet tanking any NPCs in AV.)

– Use Eagle Eye.  (Scouting ahead can also build on your situational awareness and is especially effective for knowing where the weak points are in AB.  I always try to control LM, because from there, I can see any place on the map, including mine.  Use Eagle Eye to target the mountainside above mine and it will allow you a picture of what is going on down there.  In turn, you can then direct your teammates to the enemies weak points, breaking their ability to gain resources).

– Run the Flag.  (With Aspect of the Cheetah and Track Humanoids, you can generallty see if there any immediate threats in the area.  Its especially effective in Eye of the Storm.  If you get caught, you can always use your Beastial Wrath and send your pet after your attacker with Intimidation).


– Use Beastial Wrath and Intimidation together. (Unless you absolutely have to.  BW keeps you from getting CC’d and increases your damage and your pets damage.  It rocks.  Intimidation can also keep you from getting CC’d by controlling your enemy for a few seconds.  Using them at the same time can waste those few extra seconds, which we all know in pvp can be the difference between needing to bandage and needing to wait for the respawn timer.  Use them in sequence so that you can control your enemy for the longest time possible).

– Waste your cooldowns first. (Again, if you don’t absolutely have to.  Its nice to use BW when you run up against a lone enemy and totally dominate him.  But its even nicer to save it for when you have three targets on you and you manage to take out two of them before they get you).

– Resurrect your pet.  (… if you don’t have to.  When you’re killed your pet will auto res with you and without the unhappiness debuff.  Obviously if you have the time and the mana, as well as the team support while you’re vulnerable, go ahead, but if its a tight situation, go without it and wait for the spirit res to save yourself a lot of wasted time and pet happiness).

So that’s pretty much all the Hunter pointers that I have for today.  Hope some of them can help.

On each of the Battlegrounds, I do have something to say though.

WSG:  The new concept of everyone zerging each other’s bases and then trying to get your own flag back as you cross midfield is different, but has seemed to work for the majority of the time.  This also means that defence is pretty much a wasted effort as 10 v 5 is still going to be a slaughter.  And to those people who stand midfield, honor farming while the rest of your team is getting owned and your flag is getting capped, please, please server transfer out of my battlegroup.  kkthxbai.

AB:  Controlling LM is one of the keys that I’ve found to winning in AB.  Whenever we don’t we invariably lose.  When two of us continually attempt to retake it to solidify our position in the BG, and 10+ of you are at Stables fighting, a little bit of the Horde dies inside.  FORGET ABOUT STABLES if we don’t control LM!  Oh ya, one more thing.  WTB Mod that erases Stables from all Horde maps.  kkthxbai.

AV:  If you’re on offense that’s wonderful.  We need people to kill their general.  If only 10 people stayed behind to play defense, don’t expect them to hold off the 30+ Alliance zerg on the Relief Hut.  If you then proceed to QQ about how the defence sucks and can’t do anything right, you need to DIAF.  Seriously.  If you wanna play O, fine.  STFU about the D.  If you want to bitch about the D, play D.  Nuff said.

EotS:  Actually, I don’t have any gripe with this BG.  We generally play this to the best of our ability, and when we do lose, its because the Alliance just did better than we did.

So that’s my 2c on BGs and PvP.  For the Horde!


4 Responses to “PvP Pointers for the BM Hunter”

  1. I love trapping in PVP.

    One of my favorite uses for snake traps is defending flags in AB, EotS, and AV. Especially in a confusing scrum, those snakes are good at interrupting anyone that tries to cap the flag.

    Frost trap is awesome in one-on-one situations. It’s perfect for kiting those nasty warriors around. Just run circles around him while he’s stuck in the frost trap, and keep in between his melee range and his charge range.

    Freezing trap would be nicer if it lasted longer, but it’s still got some nice uses. A lot of the time I drop one to stand on if I’m standing in place shooting something. It’s nice for picking up Rogues that sneak up on me. Likewise, it’s nice to sneak up on a healer and drop a Freezing Trap at their feet and then nuke their DPS friend…

  2. @ Walkere – EXACTLY! lol, thanks for the great comment!


  3. […] there and I wanted to expand on that concept over here. I’ve posted on BGs before, both my successes and frustrations.  The main theme behind what I wrote in Bre’s comments however is about […]

  4. Mate you know how to play bm. I play it myself but you said nothing about pets :-s…you could’ve said more about pets cause, well as the name says, Beast Mastery is all about pets.
    To bad i dont play on retail cause i would’ve liked to make a duel with you.
    Good Luck and Have Fun ❤

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