Some More Recent Hunter <3

So a while back I did a post about some good ole Hunter ❤.  Well earlier I came across a link to my blog and went and checked it out. 

Aurik, over at /hug has apparently found a name I suggested for Bre for her cat.  Bre decided to go with something else, so the name was just sitting there, waiting to be ninja’d pickpocketed by a rogue-at-heart kinda player. 😉  So Aurik grabbed it up.  Drop on over and say hello to Monsoon!

Glad you liked the name!  Make sure all of your enemies enjoy the *ahem* Crapstorm *ahem*! 😀


Much Hunter ❤


2 Responses to “Some More Recent Hunter <3”

  1. *Grin* A more direct thanks from me, I love the name and much ❤ for suggesting it!


  2. No prob!

    /looks around

    …Um, hello?

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