Four Agonizing Days, One Satisfying Moment

So four days ago I posted about this.  Since then, I’ve put my Sidhe Devils character on the back burner in order to focus on getting some season 1 PvP gear for my Orc Hunter, Grimshott.  Well, after four painful days in the battlegrounds, I managed to come out looking like this:

I have to say, after all the cussing and cursing and the banging my head against the desk and the one time that AB was going so poorly that I /afk’d to get out and take a break, this moment was well worth it.  Grim is a sexy beast now! 

When I started 4 days ago, Grim had around 1,000 HKs.  I hadn’t done any BGs with him prior to level 60 and still very limited BGs after that.  So it was quite a bit of work to get him to where I wanted him, considering the only PvP rewards he had were the Insignia of the Horde and the Medallion of the Horde. I still need to work on getting him the epic version of the medallion for the Resil bonus, but I’m likely going to put that off for a while.  Anyway, he finished off with this:

He’s now at 3061 lifetime Honor Kills and managed to get 13,424 honor for the day (691 kills + Mark turn ins.)

So the three pieces that I picked up included:

Gladiator’s Chain Armor for 14,500 honor and 30 AB marks.

Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders for 11,250 honor and 20 AB marks.

Gladiator’s Chain Helm for 14,500 honor and 30 AV marks.

So, now that I have some cool S1 gear before its gone, and still have about a week before S4 begins, I figure I’m going to try for some more items and get as many as I can.

1. Vindicator’s Chain Sabatons for 17,850 honor and 40 EotS marks.

2. Vindicator’s Chain Bracers for 11,794 honor and 20 WSG marks.

3. Vindicator’s Band of Triumph for 15,300 honor and 10 AV marks.

4. Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets for 10,500 honor and 20 AV marks.

5. Gladiator’s Chain Leggings for 14,500 honor and 30 WSG marks.


I seriously doubt I’ll be able to get everything on that list before season 4 hits, but if I can get at least 2 more I’ll be happy.

Finally, with all the new gear, Grim’s stats have improved quite a bit.  I forgot to get a screenie of what they looked like before, but this is where they are sitting now:

Grim’s DPS was at about 290-ish before I got the last piece.  Its now up to 304.6.  His RAP is now 1421 with AotH and Crit chance is 22.24%.  His hit rating is a bit low, I know, but I can live with it for now.  Also his resilience is now up to 210! Woot!

So anyways, its been quite an agonizing ordeal, but well worth it.  Oh and to the NElf Priest that I went one on one with for 5 minutes straight in WSG earlier tonight, /salute.  You are one tough SOB!


2 Responses to “Four Agonizing Days, One Satisfying Moment”

  1. HOLY CRAP, you were busy while I was away this week!!!
    Grats dude! That is awesome, now Abadon has a pvp complex, you passed him in honor kills, have a crapton more gear, and your resiliance is like 50 more than mine…WOW. Good work dude, way to put your nose to the grindstone and bang it out!

  2. lol, thanks dude. But don’t feel left out, cause I’m not done and I’m totally dragging you in there with me for more!

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