Random Musings From the Airport

So after six weeks, I’m finally back at home.  It’s been a pretty long day, but I had some fun doing some people watching at the airport.  I noticed a few things.

1.  Someone who walks around with a shirt that says “I’m a Keeper!” usually isn’t.

2.  If you don’t want to talk to the random weirdo, put your headphones on and bob your head to the beat, even if your batteries are dead.

3.  Charge the batteries in your iPod before you go to the airport.

4.  If one of my suitcases is 4lbs over the limit and the other is 6lbs over, and both look ready to burst at the seems, it is highly doubtful that I’m going to be able to move 4lbs from one to the other.

5.  When the customer service representative tells you that the people working at the booth can’t check you in because they are only a luggage drop off and that you have to use the machine, don’t stand there for 5 minutes QQ that you don’t want to use the machine.  Other people have places to be.  And if you can’t figure it out, which says a lot since even a monkey can tap a screen and get lucky, then ask the same customer service representative to help you.  Asshat.

6.  Cabbies are generally pretty cut-throat when competing for business.  When they are only allowed to wait at the airport exit for five minutes before having to go to the back of the line again, they are like enraged Murlocs.  Hungry, enraged Murlocs.  Glarglglglglglglglglglg.

7.  Telling the person sitting next to you that you wish you had snake traps on a plane is not a good idea.  Especially if they a) don’t play world of warcraft, and b) haven’t seen/hated Snakes on a Plane.


Thats all from me for today.  I’m pretty tired but I’ll be doing a bit of AV tonight and then heading to bed early.  Oh, one last thing.  If you’re gonna be gone for 6 weeks in the spring when everything starts to grow again, don’t forgot to ask someone to cut your grass.  >.<


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