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Megan over at Out of Mana has a great post talking about the release of Season 4 of Arenas with a link to a Blue Post by Eyonix giving the details.  Its a great post with some pretty solid advice.  June 24 is the planned release date, so mark your calendars.

With the changes to the way the honor rewards system is going to work in S4, some pieces of armor will require an Arena rating to be purchased with honor points.  Drysc talked about that in this post.  Lately, I’ve been giving the Alliance toon I created most of my attention, especially since I’ve been having a ton of fun with the Sidhe Devils.  However, now that the release date is confirmed, I’m going to be scrambling in the BGs as much as possible.  I’d like to pick up some of the S1 gear for Grim (my Orc BM Hunter) before it goes away.

And I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I’m currently sitting on just over 10k honor, and I don’t have any S1 or better pvp gear since I just hit 70 not too long ago.  So, I’m going to be looking to pick up at least two and hopefully three pieces before S4 hits the stores.  Right now I have the rep pvp gear except for the chest and head pieces.  Those will be my first purchases.  If there’s enough time to get the honor required, I’ll be looking to pick up the shoulders as well, as they are one of the easily identifiable pieces to any set.

Megan mentioned that these pieces will still be able to be purchased with the Tier tokens, however, Grim has only been to Kara once, with a PUG, and I don’t know when or even if he’ll ever get the chance to get all of his T-4 tokens for PvE gear, let alone PvP gear.


I’m also going to think about getting him on an Arena team, most likely with Abadon.  I neve got a chance to pick up the S3 Axe that was available, and with the changes, I’m not sure whether its going to pick up a rating requirement if it does.  Either way, I’d still like to pick up some arena points to hopefully be able to get at least a few upgrades throughout the season, and I’d most likely be looking to replace my pants and gloves.  The S4 pants have a rating requirement of 1550, which shouldn’t be too hard to get.  The gloves don’t have a rating requirement, so I’d be able to pick those up with enough points.

Either way, we’re one step closer to the release of WotLK as this will bring in the final chapter of Arenas before the expansion.  Exciting times call for exciting measures, no? 


/get pie 😀



4 Responses to “This Just In”

  1. By the way Sy, you’re gonna be joining me in the BGs, so put your killin hat on (not really that was just an ‘in’ way to say you’re going to be attending Battleground practice with the rest of us rejects).


  2. Syllus has his blades strapped on, and Abadon’s quiver is full and ready to rock!

  3. BTW, I dinged 20 today b4 work!(on the pally obviously)

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