Opinion on Leaked Info

I’ve been trolling the forums today, or if I was on an alliance toon, Dwarfing the forums today, and I’ve seen two totally different view points on wrath leaked info. As everyone has heard by now, some poor sap leaked alpha testing info onto the netherwebs( coined by Bre and Fim, and as TJ points out, it’s not a word!)It’s out there for all of us to view, if you know where to look. I’ve read over some of the info, and am taking a very cautious approach to all of it. Things change from alpha to final product, and even if alot of the things I am seeing are drool-worthy, they might not make it into the final product.

As many from the blogging community are shying away from all of this leaked info, such as Mania over at Mania’s Arcania, their are still a few more that are openly talking about some of the things they are hearing about, such as the BRK.

I’m no goody-goody when it comes to this sort of thing, and have no problem going out and seeking these spoilers to the upcoming expansion of world of warcraft. In fact, I had all three scripts for the prequel star wars movies months before the movies hit theatres. I like me some spoilers(accept Lost, Battlestar Galactica season 4, and the newest season of The Office)

But, I won’t post anything for others to read from me. I’m taking the cautious approach. Chances are I will never get into the beta, but I’m okay with that. Their is tons of content in the burning crusade I haven’t gotten to knock around yet. So, I’m just curious as to how everyone else is handling this? Are you out there reading all you can, looking at leaked screen shots of all the different races version of the death knights, or are you shying away from info on the forthcoming expansion info? Just curious.

BTW, to all Blizzard employees, I am in no way saying that If I was offered a beta key, that I wouldn’t take part in testing the wonderful product. Fikkle on the other hand, I hear breaks NDA’s all the time!!!




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