A Bit Off Topic

So, usually on a new post by fikkle or myself, you would find one of us detailing our latest world of warcraft adventure, or some helpful hint about our favorite class of the monent. Not today, at least not this post. If you scroll down far enough on our sidebar to the right, you will see we have several web comics that we are both huge fans of. One of my favorites is CTRL+ALT+DEL. I love the simple concept of a gamers cartoon about the lives of gamers. Tim Buckley is great at what he does, and you can see his artistic style gradually being reshaped as you go through the series from the begining.

I am posting this because today, in his comic, I saw something that is a rarity in his panels. FEET. I do not believe( I could be wrong) that I have ever seen anyone’s feet in the comics. Today’s post is a single panel of players 1-4 going at it, trying to kill each other off before they get killed off. It’s a simple, brilliant comic, and it show’s feet!

I know most of you are out there going, what’s the big deal, it’s just feet? Fikkle and I have had discussions about why we have never seen anyone’s feet in ctrl+alt+del. Like, serious, long winded discussions over vent about it. Either we are very sad for being the only gamers to talk about the stupidest things, or we are the majority of gamers, and all of us wonder about odd things alot.

So, What are some of the odd things you all have talked to about in game, or on vent when out doing the tedious grind to 70? Let me know that we’re not the only odd orc’s out there!

And, sinse I’m out there on a limb for this post anyway, I gotta reuse this photo, it’s my favorite shot we’ve used on the blog so far!!! Something about a gnome that makes me think of mooning someone!



~Uncle Sy


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