The B-10 Method

So BRK and BBB are both known for their very funny RL and military stories.  While I don’t think any of my stories are as Epic as some of the ones they’ve told, I do have a military-meets-WoW-story!


So for the past 6 weeks I’ve been on temporary duty as an instructor.  My boss, the course director, is what I would call a casual gamer.  He does some gaming but self-admittedly gets frustrated very easily and will put a game down rather than attempt it over and over.

So, since he does have somewhat of interest in gaming, I’ve been telling him bits and pieces about WoW over the last several weeks and since I’ve been playing my hunter(s) a lot, most of it has related back to that.  Well a few weeks back I was trying to do the quest for the Helm of Second Sight out in Shadowmoon Valley.  I’m sure most of you know it.  You put on the Spectracles they give you and all of sudden you can see the spirits in the zone.  Well, whether due to a bug or a ‘working as intended’ mechanic, hunter pets cannot ‘see’ the spirits and so when you send them to attack, they will start off, and then turn back, acting as though the mobs weren’t there.

So during one of our discussions on WoW, I mentioned this to him and that it was making it very slow going to solo.  Well, prior to this, I’d been discussing some of the Hunter’s talents and abilities with him, and one of those was Eyes of the Beast.  Now my boss, having remembered this, suggested that I take control of the pet and attack them myself.  Now this hadn’t even occured to me to try.  I’ll admit, there are some abilities that I consider little more than decoration and I very rarely use.  Eyes of the Beast was one of them. 

But anyways, I got back into game and gave it a try.  Sure enough, the darn method worked.  I would take control of Valkyrie, run over to the mob and spam growl as much as I could.  When Valkyrie got to about half life, I’d cancel Eyes of the Beast, cast mend pet  and put him on stay.  That way, the mob would stand there and continue to whack on him while I was able to burn it down from range, not really having to worry about pulling aggro.

Afterwards, I let him know about this and he was very self-satisfied that his suggestion had turned into a viable solution.  So satisfied in fact, that he decided to name it the B-10 method (after himself, long story).  And in my opinion, its an extremely useful lesson to take out of this story.  A lot of times in WoW (or even in our everyday lives) we’re so accustomed to doing things a certain way, since thats just how we’ve always done it.  Stopping to consider alternative solutions to problems can sometimes make your life (or your quest grinding) much easier.  And I think that is the true strength of the B-10 method.

Ultimately, I figured out that if I continued to spam my pet attack button, the pet would auto attack without me having to use Eyes of the Beast, but that was something I hadn’t considered at first.  Creative thinking can sometimes go a long way to alleviating a lot of aggreviation, and sometimes even repair bills!

Remember kids, its all fun and games until someone has to spirit res!



9 Responses to “The B-10 Method”

  1. Very cool story. And very true. Very often you get used to playing in a way that succeeds for you, using abilities and talents you understand and enjoy, and just forget you have other options available.

    In fact, I feel inspiration for a post on this myself…

  2. Very cool. I look forward to reading it!

  3. […] So, reading blogs this morning while my TPS reports… umm, I mean FMS reports are generated from the worlds…. slowest….. database……. [snore], and came across a good one by Fikkle on For the Horde! […]

  4. Eyes of the Beast (along with Eagle Eye, though limited to outdoors) is one of those abilities we seem to forget about a lot. I’ve probably used it more times than a lot of people have. When my cat still had Prowl (he has Dash instead now), I would use him to help mark mobs in instances. You kinda feel like a druid when using it. I haven’t done quests in Shadowmoon yet, but thanks for the tip. I’m sure it will be useful for me as well.

  5. I’m loathe to admit that I was one of the boneheaded hunters that forced my animal companion to attack by repeatedly giving the attack command. What would that say about me? Probably that I prefer brute force to solve my problems!

    Good idea and good insight!

  6. Thanks for the great comments guys! 😀

  7. I’m guilty of the same, That is one of those abilities I keep on the upper right hand side of myscreen, barely within my periphrial vision. Greeat advice, and wow, we got comments!

  8. I use Eyes of the beast all the time before I jump off a rise that would cause my pet to path through mobs, EotB and jump the pet down, I also like it in AV sending my pet in with some creative control. hehe.

  9. Those are some great tips! Thanks Jinzul!

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