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I was really curious about how our blog is doing, so I decided to take a peak at the dreaded blog stats. Seriously, these things scare me. Every time I go to look at them, I’m always afraid it will be like, 2 people visited you guys blog today, and one was your grandma… As you can imagine, going onto the stats page with this additude, can scare the living poopy out of you. Yes, I said poopy in a post. I’m that cool.

So, back to the numbers. Between myself and Fikkle, we have 111 posts(112 if you count this one) with 266 comments. (seriously though, how many are me and fikkle bickering back and forth?). We’ve been saved from 1389 spam posts( I occationally read through them before deleting all, mostly because they amuse me). W have had a total of 8545 visitors. WOW over 8k visitors to our little ol’ blog?!?! That is awesome.

I dug a bit further…in one day, we had 1,510 visitors to the blog. You read that right. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND TEN visitors in a single, solitary, glorious day. This day is a national holiday in Canada, and I’m patitioning it to be so here in the states. Let April 21st forever be known as BRK day!!! Not only did he give us much visitor love on taht day, but the entire following week the numbers continued to be HUGE. That week alone we had 2855 visitors. Yes, over 1/4 of our hits came from one week alone. Granted, it was a great week!

I know these numbers mean nothing to anyone else out there, but man did they make me cheese. It is really cool to see how the site is doing, and know that the wow blogging community is so strong. With amazing blogcasts, wow blogs, and creative writers out there, the wow blogging community is just getting started! With the publicity that Bre is throwing out from her Twisted Nether  blogcast, I forsee a bright future for wow bloggers everywhere! I’m really excited to see where things go from here. After all, our 10k visitor is just around the corner, and we’re one of the smaller wow blogs out there!!!

To the rest of the wow  blogging community, keep up the good work, and together, we will all play our part in the wow community for years to come!!!

~Uncle Sy



14 Responses to “Blog numbers”

  1. So, after rereading this post, do I sound like a cheesy cheerleader for bloggers to anyone else? Meh, who cares, it needed to be said!

    “Save the cheerleader, save the world.”

  2. Okay Sy, give me a C

  3. “C”

  4. Give me an R

  5. “R”

  6. Give me an A

  7. Woot! BRK Commented on our Blog. We have to contact our lawyers, but I totally think this makes us legit! He gave us an A to boot!

    Now give me a P!

  8. “P”

    AND WOOOOO!!!! BRK gave us an A!!!!! The one and only BIG RED KITTY!!!! WOOOOOOOO

  9. Okay, so what does that spell? Sylus after he’s had pizza for dinner!

    lol, i know, horribad set up for that one, but I’m totally lovin the BRK ‘A’.


  10. LOL, all that for a great poo joke. One you even got BRK involved in!

  11. WOOT! BRK gave you a letter. That is it, you may now die happy 😛

    Thanks for the love Fikkle, Fim and I are trying our very best to show the great stuff the WoW bloggers produce… You never know…might be ringing on your door step soon >.>

    much ❤

  12. Uh-oh… I never considered the fact that BRK legitimizing us would mean ‘more work’… Gonna have to talk to the lawyers again…

    /runs off


  13. LOL, so brk gives us much love and now we can die happy? I’m not sure about this, I might want to see how high we can go be fore we die, today it’s BRK, tomorow, who knows, maybe cnn? Yeah, I can see that, could do a news piece about how we are revolutionizing the blogosphere…..Okay, so maybe I dream to big….Plus, I’m not revolutionizing anything, accept maybe how I put pants on in the morning.

    BTW, when you talk to the lawyers, find out if I’m getting that raise anytime soon. Thanks!

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