Alg finds money, and a guild home!

I had a blast playing on the alliance this weekend! My dwarf pally, Alg, is now sitting at lvl 14, and actually has some gold right now! Lets just say that low lvl minerals and light leather are selling rather well on the auction house at the moment! It’s great, I’m not stinkin rich by any means, but I’m sitting on a nice little pile of gold, and have some good bag’s in my inventory.

My dwarf hunter I also started is at lvl 8 and waiting on a real life buddy of mine to catch up so we can lvl them together. He’s come over from our horde server to try out an alliance toon as well. He started a gnome amge, and eventually decided that he would delete the toon than be forced to gouge his eyes out staring at that midget all day!

My big news for the weekend though, is that I am now in the sidhe (prounounced she) devils. So far it seems like it’s a great community of casual gamers who are out to have fun and not take the game so seriously. This is exactly what I’m looking for, a group of gamers that have fun with the game, rather than taking it so serious, and placing it above real life. The games fun, but it’s not real life by any means!

Well, I better get back to work, I have a ton of crap to do today, and would like to leave early to go play some wow this afternoon. (the wife and I have plans this evening that will keep me out of Azeroth, oh well.) Even if I were to play, do I play on my main server horde side? or my new server alliance side, both are fun, both are great, both make me smile….tough call. Tough indeed. I guess I’ll see who all is playing on which server, and go from there.


~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “Alg finds money, and a guild home!”

  1. When you guys get to the 15-16 level and do the Westfall Defias chain, let Doozie or Doodlebug know and I’ll run you guys through Deadmines for phat quest lewtz! ^_^

  2. Sounds awesome, anyone in the guild have any toons around that lvl? or are we talking a zurg run?? I’m actually a fan of wooping content out at lvl, but have never been oposed to a zurg run!

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