Alg-The Pally on a budget

I wasn’t sure how to title this one…There are several things I am trying to accomplish with this post. First, I’ve started an Alliance toon…yes, go ahead, all of you out there that have heard me go on and on about how the alliance is evil, and that only twelve year olds play those toons. While, I still believe the alliance to be evil, not all of the guys and gals that play them are 12. Some just happen to be in their 20’s and 30’s and just want to try out a new aspect of a great game…at least that is what I’m telling myself going into my career as an alliance toon…

With that said, meet Alg.


Alg is my dwarf pally. I had a hard time deciding between a paladin and a hunter. I figured, if I like the alliance as a whole, I’d eventually make a hunter as well. And, I did. I’m having a blast so far. I love the dward and gnome starting zone. It’s so much like winterspring, and I love the crap out of that zone.

So here I am, on the heels of Fikkle, creating an alliance toon, partly to prove to myself that I won’t like playing an ally….partly to hang out with him while he’s on his alliance server. Now I have to eat crow and admit I’m having fun.

So, now for the title of this here post. Pally on a budget. I have no gold on my alliance server. Meh, I’ll eventually get some, but for now, broke. It’s cool though, i don’t have to worry about buying anything, or spending any money at the auction house. In fact, up until a few hours ago, I had no clue where the crap the auction house even was! Now, I know about the trams that gnomes and such go to cyber, i know about how it goes between stormwind and ironforge, and I know there is a quest to play piper and gather up rats. Fun-fun.

I’m sitting at lvl 12, starting a new zone, working on my class quest to get my pally rez, and am genuinly having fun with it. I know noone on the server, save fikkle’s dwarf hunter, but he’s been away for the weekend so far, and I think I’ll be lvling him a bit more tonight before nodding off. So, in the end, I have a pally, his name is Alg, and he has no money. Such is the life of a low lvl dwarf. See you around Orgrammar, wait, i mean Ironforge. Oh, and just so we get found through some wierd google search, warp stalker sex! ewwwwwwwwwwww.


~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “Alg-The Pally on a budget”

  1. Welcome to civilization, the Alliance is not so bad as long as you get out of the < 20 zones asap. My main is a pally and its very entertaining, a dwarf is a good choice too.

    The Westfall/Defias chain is one of the best in the game as it takes you everywhere and will be a back story from level 10 through to 30s. Pity you’ll have to do a DM run, but thats part of the initiation rite for Alliance toons.

    Grab some gathering professions and you’ll not be poor for long, and if you plan on tankning at high levels remember Engineering and Jewelcrafting are awesome for Pallys.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I just got into the guild sidhe devils. I’m already enjoying the added company! It’s just weird walking up to night elfs and gnomes, and avoiding orc’s and trolls. I swear I’ll end up running into a horde town at some point and get my butt handed too me before I realize what happened!!!

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