Things that make you go WTF?

Okay, so if you remember a few days (a week maybe) back I mentioned that my brother had started to play WoW.  His first toon, which is now around level 23, was a Warlock.  Well, last week I said to him, I really think you’ll like playing a hunter, lets go make some level 1 hunters and level them together.

He said sure, and he wanted to try out playing a Troll, so he created a Troll Hunter, while I went back to ole faithful, ye ole Orc (in anticipation of BM FTW).

Anywho, around level 7, I mentioned to him that we would be able to get our pets fairly soon and that he should start thinking about which pet he would like to get.  To help him out, I directed to Petopia, the only stop I ever need to make when looking up anything about pets (Thanks again Mania, much Hunter <3).

He decided that he wanted to have a white Bear as his first pet.  So I told him that we’d run out to Dun Morogh together, and I’d show him what to do to get it.

Fast forward a few days.  Our schedules hadn’t been meshing up, so we hadn’t had a chance to get out to Dun Morogh, despite the fact we were both level 11 by now.  So, my little bro, who I will refer to (disparagingly) as the Muskrat henceforth, decided to run out there himself.  How hard could it be?

Well that all depends.  He decided that since he’d taken the Zep (mistakenly) to Grom’gol once, that he could run there from STV.  So he did.  Now I logged into game about 3 hours after he’d arrived to the Burning Steppes.  He’d been running around there getting eaten, repeatedly, as he couldn’t see any logical way to continue.  So I hopped onto my Mage, ported over and flew down and started to escort him. 

Eventually, we did make it all the way to Dun Morogh, and we did get him his new White Bear.  So I create a port to Org and we head back.  As we’re running out of Org I ask if he has any meat on him.  No.  So I run to the Innkeeper, buy some meat and trade it to him.  I tell him, FEED YOUR PET.  And then we start running for Razor Hill.  Well sometime after we got there, he lost his connection and dc’d.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to him again until last night.  I asked him how his hunter was doing.  "HUNTERS SUCK"


"What are you talking about?"

"My pet up and left me!"

"wtf? WTF?… What are you talking about ‘up and left you’"

"Well I forgot to feed it and it got unhappy and left."

"ZOMGWTF?!?!? are you freakin serious?  Can that really happen?"

So anyways, I made him log in to check to see if he just needed to call pet or revive pet.  Nope.  Man this is some crazy crap!

I’ve been playing the game for about a year and half now.  I have never, not once, ever, EVAR, heard of this happening to someone.  I didn’t even know it was possible.  When I asked him how long it had been that he hadn’t fed his pet for, he said 5 min.  I think it was longer, I’m not sure, but I’m totally blown away by this.  Luckily for me, I have a level 11 hunter that I can go experiment with.  So my trusty Durotar Tiger is going to the stables for a few days while I get out there and do some testing.

Disclaimer:  To put all your minds at ease, no Hunter Pets will be harmed in the process of this experiment.  Any Hunter Pets that do disappear or leave me will simply be going to say with Aunt Bess on the farm .

One last thing.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  If so, please let me know.  Oh, and many comments telling the Muskrat what a fool his is for his newfound "Hunters Suck" attitude are also much appreciated.  I am going to be rubbing his face in it.  For ETERNITY! 

@ The Muskrat – Hunter’s Rock. You Suck.  Feed Your Damn Pets.  kkthxbai.


8 Responses to “Things that make you go WTF?”

  1. good find ego, I have never read that section of petopia, I’m a bad blog reader…

  2. NEVER has it happend! Of course, I bring whatever food is necessary and stuff the new pet silly.

  3. @ Ego – Thanks for the helpful link! I think I will be directing The Muskrat to view that page. Under the threat of pain.

  4. Lactic Acid Says:

    I’ve heard of it happening. It has never happened to me because I don’t think I could live without the added pet damage.

    Okay okay I admit it’s the unhappy smiley… it gets to me.

    Even on my first hunter I scrambled around killing spiders to feed zee pet crunchy spider legs or the like. Every hunter after that (because of the horror of killing 10-15 spiders for one damn leg) I had a 10-20 stack of food saved from the low level quests before taming… guess I am the over prepared sort.

  5. I think I’ve settled on how I’m going to go about doing some testing… Gotta find a Warp Stalker!

  6. Kinzlayer Says:

    If you are super mean, you can camp a hunter in WSG or AB and just kill his pet over and over again… even in world pvp and see how fast that pet will leave that hunter. It is very very mean to do so and pretty hard to do.

  7. Well, this game isn’t called World of Lovecraft!

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