Now A Sidhe Devil!

So my Alliance side experiement has received a bit of a jump start again.  A while back, BBB posted that he was leaving his guild to form a more casual style guild with some like minded folks.  Since then, quite a few of the Pox Arcanum folks have joined Sidhe Devils and I decided that if I was going to try to level an Alliance toon to see another part of the game that I might as well do it with some like minded fun people. 

So several weeks ago I transfered my Dwarf Hunter, Grimshott, over to the Kael’thas server in anticipation of joining up with Sidhe Devils .  Unfortunately, RL events and work had kept me from even logging him in since then.  But Tuesdays in Pox Arcanum night for White Poxomatic and since I had a bit of spare time before we started poxing, I decided I’d give my Dwarf the ole college try and get back to leveling him.  Luckily for me, the great BBB happened to be on as well and after a few whispers and a little confusion on my part about the sign-up process I got an invite and I’m now a proud member of another great WoW community.

So I just wanted to throw a great big shout out to all the Sidhe Devils out there.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the guild, you can check it out here .


7 Responses to “Now A Sidhe Devil!”

  1. The sad thing is fikkle now has me loving the paladin, or as someone close to him calls it, “PalAdin” So, I may end up rolling an ally dwarf pally on this server as well…might even try toget into the guild with him, lets face it, if I roll over there, I’ll end up trying for his guild too,lol. I’m such the follower…

  2. Sit!

    Now roll over!

    Good Boy!

    /hands Sylus a treat

  3. I am now a devil too!!!

  4. /hands Sy a Scooby Snack

  5. ouch dude, ouch.

  6. (Belated) Welcome guys!

  7. Thanks doodle, looking forward to lots of ally mayhem!

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