White Pox Strikes Again

So White Pox got together last night at our usual time.  This is the third official gathering of the WP.  First time out we went to RFC and wrought utter devastation.  Last week, they went to VC but I unfortunately wasn’t able to make it.

Last night, we all went back to VC and brought the pain.  I had some solo catching up to do, and decided to farm some wool while I was at it.  I had gotten a drop pattern for a pair of wool shoulders, which I proceeded to make 2 pairs of.  One for myself, the other I gave to Jaheal, our super healy priest.

Anyways, VC was no trouble for us.  I often only got one or two casts off on mobs before they were dead, and thats with the 2 sec Frostbolt cast time.  But Deadmines being what it is, there are always plenty of adds and I was sure to throw my sheepish powers around making many-a-barn-yard-animal.

Othar brought the MQoSRDPS, while Melain and Nyema brought auras and blessings and hammers and justice.  Pally’s are so fun to play with, especially as a mage.  They hold aggro extremely well as long as you give them a chance to grab it up front.  Melain did the duties as MT and Ny brought some off tanking goodness when that extra add wanted to get all up close and personal with Jaheals.

We got some pretty good loot as well.  I know I received a nice pair of blue gloves that increased my damage by about 30pts / cast, which was really nice. (That is a bit arbitrary.  In my mind I recall seeing a lot of 70-75s when I’d cast a frostbolt before the drop, and afterwards I was seeing a lot more 100s.  But I didn’t actually test or record it).

We ran into a couple hiccups along the way, but we never actually wiped.  While regaining mana on the steps at the side of the ship, I was too close to the ship and pulled all of the mobs down on us.  We all went down pretty quick, but Othar was quick enough to turn acrobat and jump onto the big water wheel that resets the mobs.

During the fight with VC, we had people start dropping.  In the end, the two squishies were all that were left.  I Frost Nova’d VC and his two remaining henchmen and started running down the plank.  Jaheal didn’t get very far and became squishie bait, but as I started running again, I realized VC was down to 1%…. Bah, I’m going to pretend I one of those huntery guys for a second.  1 jump shot and a Fireblast later, VC fell to the floor, writhing in agony.  A quick hop skip and a jump over to the water wheel to reset the henchmen and voila, done.

We decided to hit up WC next week.  I’ll likely be posting about that run as well.  Unfortunately, I was having too much fun last night to remember to screenshot, so I don’t have any cool pics.  /sadpanda.

I’ll make sure to get some next week.

And, as Don Cherry would say, ‘Stay out of the Trolley Tracks!’


One Response to “White Pox Strikes Again”

  1. Glad the white pox is going so well for you guys! It appears white pox is a well thought out team, one that works well together and brings the pain. I assumed white pox was a version of chicken pox that left puss-filled soars and brought the pain….guess I was wrong!

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