Lets all get our Nethers Twisted!

So I listened to the Twisted Nether last night.  Both episodes.  1 word.  WIN !

Okay, so Bre has said she was a bit nervous, which is understandble, but let me join everyone else in saying that she has nothing to be worried about.  They made me laugh, they made me cry (discussions with Bellwether brought up repressed memories of Boomkin love , lets not go there again) and I’m already subscribed in my iTunes.

Next episode is going to feature Matticus from World of Matticus , which I’m anxiously looking forward to.  Aside from being awesome (he’s Canadian eh), he’s one of the reasons I got into blogging in the first place.  Long story, I’ll save it for another time, but suffice it to say, I can’t wait.

So to Bre and Fim , grats on a great job and please keep it up. 😀

And for all you Americans who love hearing us Canadians say it:

Ooot n aboot n aroond the hoose.



7 Responses to “Lets all get our Nethers Twisted!”

  1. I’m a lazy listener, I will be subscribing and grabbing up the first two episodes, but I’m about 2 behind on every other podcast I subscribe too! the summer months are bad for me and podcasts, but I will get to them, if you talk so highly about them, I know I will love it as well!

    And yes, we love hearing canadians say that,lol!

  2. Wow Fikkle! /blush…just so you know…I will be springing …um asking your questions to Matt on Friday 😀

    If you think of any others, feel free to let me know


  3. psychonia Says:

    bre you are just the rav! i’m going to listen to you at work and see what the fuss is about =)

  4. @ Bre – 😀 /puts-thinking-cap-on
    /cast Arcane Int

    “Okay, questions…. hmmmm….”

    “Um, I’ll get back to ya” 😀

  5. […] I know I’ll at least have one person interested in […]

  6. HAHAHAHA make that two people ready,lol, fikkle can’t have all the fun!!!

  7. Bre, I have some more ideas, but Matt said he wants to be surprised, so I’ll mail em to ya!

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