Warp Stalker What?

Okay, so first, you need to go read the comments here .  Apparently, Lactic Acid over at Snake in the Grass (GGH) thinks I have a thing for Boomkins.  Now, I have a confession to make.  I did flirt with the Boomkin at one point.  I was young, I’d just had some Dwarven Ale, its not something I like to remember.  But, people can change.  Anyways, when I realized my secret got out, I went over and had a look.  Now, I know that Lactic has a thing for Warp Stalkers, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I googled "Warp Stalker Sex".  I’ll give ya one guess what the first hit that came back was.  Yep, that’s right, the GGHGo check it out .

So, Lactic, your secret is out too.  Guess we’re even now! 😉

Fikkle, former Boomkin lover.


5 Responses to “Warp Stalker What?”

  1. Lactic Acid Says:

    Ahahaa very clever you former boomkin flirt! (Before I knew it there I was on google testing the words ‘warp stalker sex’ I’m corrupted now)

    – dratted warp stalker keyword. Just this week I have had hits for: warp stalker mounts, warp stalker armour, warp stalker food and so on O_o – does no one else write about them?… no one?

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  3. Fikkle, fikkle, fikkle, we’re glad to have you on horde side, but hockey? come on man, lol. Just messin with ya, I will chant my new mantra…

    Yay Hockey!
    Yay Hockey!
    Yay Hockey!
    Yay Hockey!

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  5. […] Fikkle yee be far too cunning – I am glad you are Horde indeed. […]

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