The Pally Project Part Deux

For Sy: That means part 2.

For eveyrone else: So as Sy mentioned, we’re now running two pally’s in tandem.  As for Sy’s idea of a boy band, I’m thinking those are great names for an arena team.  We’ll have to come back in 60 levels and pick one out.

As far as Paladins go, I have to say, I have a lot of fun playing them.  Right now, with only a couple seals, its not all that difficult.  Instead, its nice and relaxing.  Our pally’s are currenlty level 18, and we’ll probably get them to 20 tomorrow night (Pox Arcanum for me tonight).

But Sy’s right about the whole endless green bar thing when it comes to Pallys.  They just seem like they never wanna die.  Even in pvp.  A few days back Abadon and Grim were doing AV and there was a Pally up in one of the towers in the Horde keep.  Both Sy and I were burning him down for about 5 min before we got reinforcements and finally got this guy dead.  We both went oom long before the pally did, and he just continued to heal himself through our dps.  Granted, neither Grim nor Abadon is extremely well geared, but man, Pallys are hard to kill.

As far as the pvp thing goes, I remember reading (or hearing on one of the podcasts I listen to) that a Prot pally can kill most melee classes without even hitting them simply by the fact that they deal out damage when they’re hit.  As I don’t have a high level pally, I don’t know how accurate that is, but it would be pretty awesome to watch a stunlock rogue kill himself by trying to kill you.

Anyways, more news on the Pally Project as the two pretty boys level up.

Go Pens Go.

PS. For Sy, thats a hockey reference.


7 Responses to “The Pally Project Part Deux”

  1. Moomajick Says:

    I just happened to see this blog while browsing another and checked out this post. So nice to see another Pens fan. First post I read and now off to read some more. Go Pens!

  2. Actually, I’m a Habs fan, but I’m also an anti-Wings fan. But for now, Go Pens!

  3. go hockey, yay!….

  4. ROFLMAO…. Its good to see you’re at least cheering for the sport. All we have to do now is narrow it down to one of the 30 teams. 😀

  5. Sy should root for… the Rangers. Woot, New York!

    As for Prot Pallies, they can be fun in PVP, but their killing capacity is somewhat limited. If a Prot Pally far outgears a melee class, than it’s possible the reflection damage (Holy Shield, Ret Aura) could slowly kill the other guy… but usually the damage is more of a nuisance than anything.

    It is a great spec for holding towers in AV, though. As an Alliance character, you can stand inside the tower, rank one consecrate on the flag, and spam Holy Shield to protect yourself against most melee attacks. It goes great until a Mage shows up and blows you outta the water…

  6. @ Walkere – Thanks for the info on the prot pally. I’m looking forward to learning more about them as I get my pretty boy leveled. As for the Rangers…. I’m gonna have to agree to disagree… Unless they’re playing Detroit that is!

  7. @ both of you- the jury is still out on me liking what team atm, but for now, “Yay Hockey!” wins for now!

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