GLDC and the TN

So a few days back Bre over at GLDC posted that she and Fim have started a podcast called Twisted Nether .   Unfortunately, due to RL issues, I haven’t yet had a chance to download and listen, but there is aparently a second episode up and going now, so I’m going to be downloading it after work today and giving it a listen tonight.

If you haven’t checked it out, you should, I’m sure its WoWtastic!

Oh, and Bre’s looking for help naming her new kitty .  I suggested Monsoon.  Go visit and leave a suggestion.  Oh ya, be sure and say hi to THE Pookie while you’re there.



So I have now listened to both episodes of the Twisted Nether.  It rocks, go listen to it!


One Response to “GLDC and the TN”

  1. Thanks Fikkle!

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