The Pally Project

So, fikkle and I are up to no good again! We decided to lvl pallies together! So, now that we have 2 cocky, coceeeded, beautiful blood-elf boys, we should start a boy band! The could be called pally rangers, or belf band, or vogueadin, or bandadin, or even N*Sync-adin….

Well, maybe this idea is even sounding dumb to me! Either way, we are now lvling two paladins, I’ll be taking mine down the holy tree, for the mad heals, while fikkle takes his down the prot/ret trees for some dps and tankability. We were fighting out in the barrens last night and just destroying camps of colkar’s at a time. We burned through them like they were flies. Paladins have so many get out of jail free cards it isn’t funny, then, with us runnign double pallies, we had double the fun!

We’ll be playing these guys a bit from here on out I’m sure, as we would like to get them high lvl pretty fast. It will be fun to have one more option at high lvl when wrath of the lich king finally drops!

~Uncle Sy


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