The Kara Boss (Formerly known as Prince)

So Grim got invited to go to Kara last night.  Not sure whether it was a PUG or not, but most of the people were from different guilds, althought they seemed to know each other.  I got invited through Reav and Taki and had a blast.  Grim’s not really ready for Kara yet, but I seemed to do okay. 

Anyways, the highlight of the night was 1-shotting Prince, who then dropped the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix!  Boy, was I happy!  Still grinning about it! 😀


4 Responses to “The Kara Boss (Formerly known as Prince)”

  1. WOOHOO!! Congrats!

    I’ve seen Prince once, on my priest, and got my T4 headgear token. Sure glad the Sunfury didn’t drop that time. 😉

  2. Its always nice when Prince is accomodating like that isn’t it? Fikkle got his T4 helm from him as well, which was the first time he’d fought Prince.

    Grats on your helm, and thanks for the comment Kestrel! 😀

  3. Grats dude! I would have went as well, but I had the wedding party stuff this weekend, it kind of killed my wow time, but it was a blast, and now I have one less single friend! Grats dude, if you treat that bow nice, it will treat you great too!

  4. […] It seems that the Kara god loves Grim!  If you recall, my first time through, I picked up a very shiny new bow, and this time was no less rewarding!  Group make up was extremely good.  For tanking we had two […]

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