Well, BRK asked a simple question using a screenshot that speaks volumes.  In situations like those, I use a simple test: WWBRKD?  Simply put, what would BRK do?

In this case, since it is BRK asking, the litmus test isn’t immediately obvious.  There is, however, some other deductive reasoning that can be done.  As a hunter, what is our role?  Well, "its to bring MQoSRDPS fo shizzle ." (I paraphrased BRK, cause he drops epic lines that I just love).  So, our role as hunters is to bring the massive quantities of sustained ranged DPS.  So, using my deductive reasoning skills, I’d have to say thats exactly what I would do.  Bring the pain!  Even though its a fellow Hordie sitting there, the way I figure it is, the weak will perish, thus weeding out those unworthy of being the Horde. 

So, BRK, I would hope that you fed him to Hobbes, I would’ve done it.  So everyone wants to know… Did you?


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