I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you guy at Blizzard. Which guy you might ask? The guy that spilled he coffee on the server last night. I and several other friends and family were in botanica. We were about to down the second to last boss( the one we could have skipped to get to the last boss) and then the server dies. It was down for about 5 mins. In that five minutes our goup was sent back to our home’s…Pellonia back to shattrath, and the rest of us at the begining of the instance….full of bad guys…

So, once again, thanks guy at blizzard. Your coffee ruined my evening. I may never get that beast lord cuirass…Until then, I can’t equip my epic pants…I would loose my -4 seconds trap time bonus. Get a sippy cup next time.

(Sylus wrote this in anger, and would still love to get Fikkle a key for beta when it comes up…really, he loves you guys.)


This post has not been edited by Fikkle. I swear.


One Response to “Thanks”

  1. Your post is titled “Thanks”. Would I be a jerk if I said “You’re welcome” ?

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