Ding 69! and BG Blues

Woot! Grim hit 69 last night.  It was kind of expected.  I was very close from the day before and knew I’d be getting there soon.  Immediately after dinging, I trained and then hit up an Arathi Basin.

/rant on

For those people who were in the Arathi Basin with me last night, this one’s for you.  We had a great start didn’t we?  I was out of the gate quickly and capped Farm (FM) as fast as Orcishly possible.  The Alliance still beat us to the Stables (ST), but that is just the way the map is imbalanced.  After it capped though, I saw we split into three groups.  About a third were going to Blacksmith (BS), another third were going to the Lumber Mill (LM) and the last third were heading toward ST.  I decided to go to LM and when I arrived at the top, there was already a fight mid-battle.  I believe that a pally, two hunters and a Mage were still fighting.  We quickly owned them, capped LM, BS and FM, and were well on a way to an easy victory.  Until…

So ya, I don’t know what has been in the Mage Biscuits lately, but they seem to make everyone on the Horde side go stupid.  Well, maybe not everyone, but about half of them anyways.  After our first wave hit the wall at ST, most people decided that they wanted to go cap ST.  And they did.  Then they stayed there to camp people at the graveyard.

In the meantime, the Alliance had the Gold Mine (GM), and took FM and BS.  After that there was continuous assaults on LM, which we fought off quite well.  But now, it was three bases to two.  Eventually, once they had a good hold on their three bases, they all came for LM and overran us.  4 to 1.  At this point, half the people were still fighting at the Alliance GY.

Now, I’m no master tactician, but last time I checked, you get bonus honor for winning .  Not for camping alliance.  Anyways, we eventually got enough people to smarten up to retake LM, FM and BS, losing ST.  Which is fine, because 3>2.  We ended up winning, but had the Alliance mounted a concerted defence, they easily could have held three bases and totally stole the victory. 

/rant off

Sorry, but it bugs me how people can be so selfish sometimes. 

I’ll be doing some more BGs at 69 to try and get some marks before I have to go into the 70 brackets.  I haven’t PvP’d much with Grim before, so he doesn’t even have a PvP trinket yet.  Its on my list of things to do.  But I’m only going to be pvp’ing long enough to get the 1000g required for his flying mount, which will be five or six days worth of dailies.  I’m getting excited, 70 is just around the corner :D.


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