General Melee-ze

Mailaise, or in this case, Melee-ze is "an ‘out of sorts’ kind of feeling" – Wikipedia .

So ya, I’ve had that kind of feeling in game over the last week.  Last Tuesday I got together with White Pox from the Pox Arcanum Anti-PUG expirement, which was an excellent time.  We’d had scheduling issues for the past couple of months and getting off the ground was becoming a problem, but we were able to get into RFC and down it all.

After that though, the week just seemed to slide by, leaving me with that out of sorts kind of feeling.  All of my friends, and myself included, had a pretty weird week as far as RL schedules went, so we didn’t really get to meet up in game all that much until last night.  So there was no runs, no grouping with the usual suspects, just simple, mindless level (read: quest) grinding.  That in of itself wasn’t so odd, and it actually was great for my hunter.  I was able to get him up to level 68 as of Saturday and as of last night he’s about 80% to 69.  So 70 isn’t that far off.  But I just keep getting this feeling when I’m in game. 

I think the culprit is all of the hype that has been news from Blizzard as of late.  All of this new info they put out has focused everyone (read: me) on what some of the content of the expansion is going to be.  I know the expansion is a ways off still, but I seemed to get the feeling that it seems more immediate in game.  People now feel its growing closer and may not want to put in as much effort into the things they might have if there wasn’t an expansion on the horizon.  I don’t know, maybe I’m a bit off the wall on this.  Like I said, its still a ways off, but at the same time, it does seem that much closer.

For me, even though I’m going to be hitting 70 very soon, I am going to be travelling for work quite a bit during the summer, so I’m going to be missing some prime gaming time, when most of the BC content will be rapidly approaching its expiry date.  In June I’ll be heading back home for a week, and then going to Iceland for a conference for another week.  In July, I’m going to be going to Hawaii for three weeks and I’ll likely be taking a vacation sometime in August.  Before I rightfully get flamed, I’m not complaining about the travelling, as Iceland and Hawaii are both awesome places to get to see (even if it is for work), but I do kinda feel like I’m not going to get the chance to do some of the end game stuff that I was hoping to get a chance to see before Wrath gets released.

So I’m getting to my point in my roundabout way.  This general feeling of melee-ze is hitting and I’m wondering if its just me.  Anyone else getting that sense, that "out of sorts kind of feeling"?


3 Responses to “General Melee-ze”

  1. I’ve been getting the same feeling, to an extent. I’ve put all my alts on hold, figuring that there’s no point in getting them to 70 if they’re not going to get a chance to raid.

    My Paladin is currently running the beginning of SSC and the Eye, and I’m wondering if I’ll get a chance to see Hyjal and BT. At the rate we’re progressing, we’ll be lucky to finish these two raids before WotLK comes out.

    Makes ya wonder if all that time grinding badges and mats and whatnot is worth it. But then again, they’ll keep pushing the cap higher, so you’re always going to reach a reset point where all that hard work becomes wasted. If we’re around in another two years, they’ll release another expansion and all the WotLK raids will become obsolete.

    Don’t ya just wish there was an actual “end” to this game sometimes?

  2. I’m actually fine with the never-ending content. Since I’m not a super hardcore WoW player, I know I’ll never run out of things to do before they release more, which is fine with me. And even though there will be a bit of a reset, I don’t necessarily feel that that is time wasted as its generally spent with my friends and while I’m having fun.

    All that having been said, I’m still getting this weird vibe in game right now. Its almost like there’s a death knight looking over my shoulder or something….

  3. I left a reply on an old blog post on accident, not taking in mind the date. If you’re looking at this is there a vent that I could meet you on?

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