Weekend in Azeroth

Hello everyone, sorry for the slow down in postings, but I had a busy weekend in Azeroth. I’ve started the tedious grind to gather up all of the mats listed in the previous post for a crap-ton of crafted epics. The weekend was good to  me. Abadon is now sporting the wonderful Storm Helm, and is three primal mights away from wearing his felfury gauntlets as well. I’m assuming those will be in my inbox when I get home from work today.

I decided to go with the felfury gauntlets over the other pair I had listed due to the fact that I don’t raid, and the sun motes would be hella expensive to buy off of the auction house.

I spent a good chunk of my time this weekend grinding motes of air and water. I’m a fan of hard work, I think one should work hard, and play harder. This my friends was a definate blurring of that line…I can’t tell if what I was doing was work, or play…I mean, come on, flying around in the same circle for hours on end, killing the same mobs, hoping for that one special item to drop….only to end up with 4000 pieces of grey crap in your bags….not my idea of “fun.”

In the end, it worked out, and I am now sporting the first of my crafted boe epics. Now to get the gems and chants I need for these items….what fun!


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