Warcraft Blues, I mean Purples!(updated)

So, I’ve spent some time looking at craftable boe items that I can have made for my hunter to up his gear lvl for kara and beyond. It’s pretty exciting really, finding items you can use, looking for patterns, searching the intertubes for that one piece that will be so awesome! So, I’ve made out a list of some dream gear I’ll be trying to gather up mats for. That’s the crappy part!

So, for the head slot I’ll be trying to get ahold of the Storm Helm. A Blacksmithing pattern. Got It!!!

For the Chest piece I’ve got my eye on the Thick Netherscale Breastplate. A Leatherworking Pattern.

The belt I’m hoping to get will be the Belt of the Black Eagle. A Leatherworking Pattern.

These gloves will do nicely! Fletchers Gloves of the Pheonix. A Leatherworking Pattern. (Not getting these)

I’m also looking into these for my hands as well. The Felfury Gauntlets. A Balcksmithing Pattern.

Finally for the wrist I’m looking at sporting the Bindings of Lightning Reflexes. A Leatherworking Pattern.


This is a huge list of very expensive craftable items. In fact, I’ve totaled out the items I’ll have to get to complete all of them. WOW I’m scared. I’d have to see a gold value on all of this, but I’m sure I’ll look. Here is the laundry list of items I’ll need to have all of this junk crafted.

(Updated) list of crap I need…

14 Primal Air

16 Heavy Knothide Leather

22 Wind Scales

32 Nether Dragon Scales

4 Primal Water

20 Primal Earth

3 Primal Might

10 Felsteel Bars

0 Hardened Adamantite Bars

6 Sunmotes

4 Heart of Darkness

1 Primal Nether

2 Nether Vortex

2 Rune Thread

1 Partridge in a Pair Tree….well, not really

WOW, I have a ton of grinding and finding ahead of me. Wish me luck…



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