Mage Tanking

Woooooooot! I am now officially no longer a squishy mage!  Well okay, that may be an exageration, but I am geared enough to handle Krosh Firehand!

I logged in game last night for the first time in almost a week, which was a nice change.  Work has been extremely busy lately, so finding time in the evenings was next to impossible.  But I had some free time last night and had told Sylus that I’d be able to get in game to do some Arenas with him and Nim that night. 

When I logged in I got inundated with messages.  Reav wanted some of the Primal Mooncloth I had save up for the Whitemend Hood.  He also wanted to know if I could craft it for him.  Unfortunately, my tailoring isn’t yet high enough to use the pattern, so no joy on that.  But I got him his Mooncloth anyways.  Savageblade (a guildie) then asked if I could give him Mongoose enchant.  Luckily for him, I’d gotten my enchanting past 375 (woot for BElfs) and had the pattern from a few months back.  So he got two Mongoose enchants.  Then he asked what my gear was like, so I told him and he wondered if I’d be interested in doing Gruul’s that night. 

Okay I said, throw me an invite.  So I got an invite and joined a raid.  Only knew 1 person in the raid (Savage) and found out that it was another guild’s run.  They needed a Mage tank however and the raid leader whispered me to ask what stats I had.  So I fired them off.  My HP were at 10,003 (with Power Word: Fortitude) and my Spell Hit was at about 3%.  I’m pretty sure these stats are low for being the Mage tank, but the RL felt that it was good enough.

So, the next problem? I’ve never Mage tanked before.  I mentioned this to the RL as well and she gave me a bit of a primer on what to do.  It goes something like this:

1. Mage pulls Krosh as the hunters MD pull the 4 other bosses.  Pull starts from the little steam vent on the right hand side of the chamber.  Krosh will run to that spot and then start casting so you need to back up immediately after the pull.

2. Mage spell steals Krosh’s shield.

3. Mage dps’ Krosh to maintain aggro.

4. Mage uses Deadly Boss Mods to watch when the next shield is going to come available.

5. Have a great healer spam heals on you.

6. Rinse and Repeat.

So that was basically it.  The first pull ended in a wipe for a few reasons.  The Shaman boss was allowed to run amok and killed off several key members.  The pull also wasn’t started by me and I hadn’t gotten into position so Krosh was not off to the side and was able to kill a few people himself.  I also screwed up and tried to allow a Frostbolt to finish casting before spell stealing his shield.  I got 2-shotted.

So on attempt number two, they asked me to pull.  +1 Mage Biscuit to the RL for that one.  I also realized from my first mistake that as soon as the shield comes up I need to stop casting and steal the shield. 

The second attempt was flawless.  I didn’t notice when the other mobs went down (priest then lock) but eventually all the ranged were dps’ing along with me and Krosh eventually ate dirt.  At that point we all moved onto High King and got <teh phat lewtz>.

Something else to note.  I was running out of mana faster than I would’ve liked.  As a frost mage, I don’t have the longevity of the Fire tree or the efficiency of Clearcasting.  If you’re the regular Mage tank for your guild, I’d recommend having a mana efficient build to take on Krosh as your dps isn’t the all important factor here, its having enough mana to continue stealing his shield.


2 Responses to “Mage Tanking”

  1. That is a fun fight. Definitely something different that you’re not used to doing as a Mage.

    The first time I did it, I had the same problem with mana efficiency. I kept going hard, and I eventually went OOM and couldn’t steal the shield anymore. Oops.

    The most important thing I figured out is that you don’t need to keep up constant DPS to maintain aggro. I’d spam Frostbolt until I went down to 50-75% mana. Then, I’d sit still for 10-15 seconds and let mana regen. This should be even better now with the recent buffs to mana regen.

    Just watch Omen to make sure your threat stays well above any healers, and you shouldn’t have a problem. Mage armor also helps immensely.

    Also, you can use Detect Magic on him rather than rely on Deadly Boss Mobs.

    And get Clearcasting. 10 points in Arcane is well worth the mana efficiency.

  2. I’m so glad you started posting….I was dying alone!lol

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