Gone Fishin!

This is a bit of a bunny trail here, but a funny one. I assumed you all would at least be slightly interested in hearing about my real life fishing story! It all started at wal-mart of all places. My wife and I were out doing some last minute shopping and trying to prepare for the week. We were discussing our hobbies and thow all of them kept us inside tied down to a desk. My wife is hugly into the paper crafts, and I’m addicted to wow…duh. So, we decided to do something outdoors. I, automatically thinking about how boring fishing is in wow, spout off, “what about fishing?” She was all about it. So, we ended up spending about a hundred bucks getting some fishing gear, and planned on going the next day. ( we got licenses as well, gotta keep it legal!)

So, the next evening, after I get off work, we hed down to the local “lake.” (AKA a glorified pond) It was a blast. Neither of us really knew what we were doing. We learned how to tie the knots from the little piece of cardboard on the back of the hook bag. We ended up using fake bait, as all the real bait was sitting at home….another long story, well actually, I just left it on accident, so not a really long story.  We had fun, but didn’t catch a bite. Sinse I didn’t want to look like a patsy who didn’t catch a thing(even though I am) I decided to post this, a pic of me, catching a huge fish…well crap, something is wrong with photobucket atm, I’ll get the pic up later. Until then, go get your fishing up to 375…cause I don’t want too.

~Uncle Sy



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