Finding the Time

Okay, so I was pretty excited this weekend to get (back) into game and finally get some WoW goodness.  Unfortunately for me, work reared its fugly head and my WoW time evaporated like the shallow puddle that it has become.  /sadpanda.

I did get a little time in game Friday night, which was a blast.  Since Reav and Taki have their Priest/Pally duo up to 70 now, we took them into Mech (me on my Mage) and after that they all took my hunter through Sethekk Halls, and I was able to pick up Terokk’s Quill.  Its very shiny! 

In other news, I’ve realised a few things during my time out of WoW. 

1.  Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world.  I feel like a bone fide @$$hat for some of the crap I pulled back in my school days.  If you’re in school, thank them every now and again as its hard work and unless you do, then it is a truly thankless job.

2.  There’s these really crazy things that float in the sky and they take on weird shapes.  I saw one that looked like a duck and another one that looked like a Star Destroyer.  (I seriously was freaked out by that one.  I thought it was landing.)

3.  Running around screaming The Empire is landing troops, RAISE THE SHIELD!, doesn’t seem to get anybody moving.  We need a new call to arms.

4.  Call To Arms is a fun game.

5.  Some games for the DS are pretty fun.  Others are pretty frustrating.  I got Tetris DS while I was unplugged and I can’t beat it any more than I could beat the original.  What is with those stupid blocks.  They give me nightmares!

6.  When you have nightmares about falling blocks, YOU are in control, and YOU can make them all line up nice and neat, eliminating them and making them disappear.  YOU do not have to watch them stack up to the roof and suffocate you.

7.  House is an awesome show!

8.  Coffee is a lifesaver.

9.  It is perfectly acceptable for guys to ‘eyeball’ whether or not the new jeans are going to fit us.  If we have to go back to the store and get a different size, we just didn’t like the ‘look’ of the jeans.

10.  Sleeping in because you were up late watching the 5th overtime period in hockey is an acceptable excuse for being late to work in the morning.  If you’re CANADIAN that is!


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