My Mistake, and the return of Fikkle!!!

So, I did several BG’s last night, earned lots of honor, and got my honor points up to 24,500. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to get it after  3500 points today…So, this morning I go out to the hall of legend to gawk at the pretty shiney gladiator’s heavy crossbow one more time before I go out the door to work. Then it hits me. As I’m staring at how it will look in my hands in the dressing room screen, a number catches my eye…

that number is 27000 honor…wait, 27000 honor? I was so sure it was 28000 honor…CRAP! I ONLY NEED 2500 HONOR!!! So, now as soon as I get off work, I will be bging my butt off turning in marks for honor and GETTING MY PRECIOUS!!

Oh yeah, and in other news, fikkle gets his internet today!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!! I WON’T BE ALONE ON THE BLOG ANYMORE!!!!! The creator returns! This is good news for me, and great news for you, the reader!!! I can’t keep up with his frenzied pace of 4-5 posts per day! So, until later, when he finally gets a post up, enjoy my fine writings over the past two weeks, and realize how great it is to get fikkle back!

~Uncle Sy


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