6k to my precious…

Hello everyone, first, let me apologize for a lack of a post yesterday, but work called me away, to go fishing and camping. No lie. You may all hate me now, it’s okay. Somedays, I hate myself, but that’s another story!

I finally got home last night, and I was so tired and worn down that I needed a few battlegrounds. Theirs nothing like a good killing to get your spirits lifted! I’ve been working on saving enough alteric vally marks, and 28000 honor to grab me a gladiator crossbow. It’s a long and arduos task for me. I like battlegrounds, but when we start loosing, I get discouraged fast. When I get discouraged, I say screw it, I’m done, and quit BG’ing.  It’s usually a slow grind for anything I want honor related. On top of that, I had gone through a real rough patch in AV where all we did was loose. When you need 40 marks for something, and all you do is loose, it takes a while to earn all of them.

So, last night I was in a killing mood. I started the night with 31 AV marks. I thought, hey, if I get one ore two, that’s one or two closer to 40. MAN WAS I WRONG!!! We destroyed AV!!! I ended up playing 5 AV’s and won all of them! They were total destruction matches, not just yay, we won by 50 reenforcements, but total barn burners. One game we ended up winning 350 to 0. WOW We smoked em like a fat cuban cigar!

So, now I’m sitting at enough marks to get my bow, now comes the honor grind. I have a stash of AB, EOTS, and WSG marks sitting in the bank, so now every AV I do, will give me extra honor, as I can trade the marks in for the 314 honor. This should be nice. For every AV win, I’ll get an additional 942 honor! So, that 22k honor I have now, will grow in leaps and bounds from here on out! I’m hoping to have the bow by this weekend, and maybe even start grabbing some honor for arena season 4. I’m gonna wait to buy armor until then!

Anyway, have a great day bloggers, and try to stay dry. It’s pouring here, and EVERYTHING is soaked to the bone. BOO rain.

~Uncle Sy


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