Podracing in Azeroth

Everyone remembers the abomination that was Star Wars EP1. I have a wish. My wish is simple. I wish that George Lucas would go back, and have Jar Jar compete in the pod racing scene. I have the perfect ending for the race,well at least for Jar Jar.

Death of Jar Jar

The other day I was releveling my mining profession on Abadon, my hunter. I was cruising through the shimmering flats on my way to Tanaris, when I saw the goblin racer, slammed into the wall just past the end of the track. I honestly do not remember seeing this before! It was hilarious. All I could think was that this is straight out of EP1.

I’m sure there are hundreds of stupid little things I haven’t noticed, the link quest line, the gnomes describing their ideas of other giants controlling their moves in terrokar forest, the list goes on and on. So here is my challenge to you the readers. Come up with a screenshot of something that is a bit out of place in world of warcraft. Show me the best easter eggs you can find and I’ll post them here. Email them to me at jedimastergil@hotmail.com and I’ll get em up as soon as I can. Until then, have fun in Azeroth!



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