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Grim Ding’d 70 tonight!





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Well, BRK asked a simple question using a screenshot that speaks volumes.  In situations like those, I use a simple test: WWBRKD?  Simply put, what would BRK do?

In this case, since it is BRK asking, the litmus test isn’t immediately obvious.  There is, however, some other deductive reasoning that can be done.  As a hunter, what is our role?  Well, "its to bring MQoSRDPS fo shizzle ." (I paraphrased BRK, cause he drops epic lines that I just love).  So, our role as hunters is to bring the massive quantities of sustained ranged DPS.  So, using my deductive reasoning skills, I’d have to say thats exactly what I would do.  Bring the pain!  Even though its a fellow Hordie sitting there, the way I figure it is, the weak will perish, thus weeding out those unworthy of being the Horde. 

So, BRK, I would hope that you fed him to Hobbes, I would’ve done it.  So everyone wants to know… Did you?

Kara Guide Update

Posted in Hunter, Off Topic, Random on May 27, 2008 by Kor

Okay, so I’ve got the stats and the gear list all finished up.  Well, mostly.  There are some that I could suggest a million things for, but I’d like to limit my suggestions to a couple to give people a bit of focus.

Anyways, still to do is to work on the enchant list and then possibly a short pet review for the different pet options. 


As for Grim, he didn’t ding tonight.  I started off doing dailies with Fikkle to make some cash for his flying mount and only got to quest with him for about 30 min.  But he’s about halfway to the flyer right now, so he’s in good shape.  I just need to stop being lazy and start doing my dailies, well, daily.

Keep your stick on the ice.




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I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you guy at Blizzard. Which guy you might ask? The guy that spilled he coffee on the server last night. I and several other friends and family were in botanica. We were about to down the second to last boss( the one we could have skipped to get to the last boss) and then the server dies. It was down for about 5 mins. In that five minutes our goup was sent back to our home’s…Pellonia back to shattrath, and the rest of us at the begining of the instance….full of bad guys…

So, once again, thanks guy at blizzard. Your coffee ruined my evening. I may never get that beast lord cuirass…Until then, I can’t equip my epic pants…I would loose my -4 seconds trap time bonus. Get a sippy cup next time.

(Sylus wrote this in anger, and would still love to get Fikkle a key for beta when it comes up…really, he loves you guys.)


This post has not been edited by Fikkle. I swear.

Ding 69! and BG Blues

Posted in Hunter, PvP on May 27, 2008 by Kor

Woot! Grim hit 69 last night.  It was kind of expected.  I was very close from the day before and knew I’d be getting there soon.  Immediately after dinging, I trained and then hit up an Arathi Basin.

/rant on

For those people who were in the Arathi Basin with me last night, this one’s for you.  We had a great start didn’t we?  I was out of the gate quickly and capped Farm (FM) as fast as Orcishly possible.  The Alliance still beat us to the Stables (ST), but that is just the way the map is imbalanced.  After it capped though, I saw we split into three groups.  About a third were going to Blacksmith (BS), another third were going to the Lumber Mill (LM) and the last third were heading toward ST.  I decided to go to LM and when I arrived at the top, there was already a fight mid-battle.  I believe that a pally, two hunters and a Mage were still fighting.  We quickly owned them, capped LM, BS and FM, and were well on a way to an easy victory.  Until…

So ya, I don’t know what has been in the Mage Biscuits lately, but they seem to make everyone on the Horde side go stupid.  Well, maybe not everyone, but about half of them anyways.  After our first wave hit the wall at ST, most people decided that they wanted to go cap ST.  And they did.  Then they stayed there to camp people at the graveyard.

In the meantime, the Alliance had the Gold Mine (GM), and took FM and BS.  After that there was continuous assaults on LM, which we fought off quite well.  But now, it was three bases to two.  Eventually, once they had a good hold on their three bases, they all came for LM and overran us.  4 to 1.  At this point, half the people were still fighting at the Alliance GY.

Now, I’m no master tactician, but last time I checked, you get bonus honor for winning .  Not for camping alliance.  Anyways, we eventually got enough people to smarten up to retake LM, FM and BS, losing ST.  Which is fine, because 3>2.  We ended up winning, but had the Alliance mounted a concerted defence, they easily could have held three bases and totally stole the victory. 

/rant off

Sorry, but it bugs me how people can be so selfish sometimes. 

I’ll be doing some more BGs at 69 to try and get some marks before I have to go into the 70 brackets.  I haven’t PvP’d much with Grim before, so he doesn’t even have a PvP trinket yet.  Its on my list of things to do.  But I’m only going to be pvp’ing long enough to get the 1000g required for his flying mount, which will be five or six days worth of dailies.  I’m getting excited, 70 is just around the corner :D.

Family, Guilds and Gear, Oh My!

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In a few of the podcasts I listen to there is usually a question that comes up as to whether new people are still starting to join WoW.  I can say from personal experience that I know of two that have started in the past few months.  One of Sy’s RL friends started up a few months ago and is now around level 30 (I believe).  And two weekends ago when I was visiting my parents, I let my brother log into my account and create a character.  I’ve been trying to get him to play since I started, but he’s never got around to it.  I even bought him a battlechest at Christmas (which he re-gifted, totally un-cool). 

Anyways, he started an Undead Warlock and played on my account while I was home.  After leaving to come back to work, I got an email from him two days later saying that he’s got the game installed on his computer and wants to get his own account set up and have his lock transfered to it.  Hook.  Line.  And sinker!  So I’m pretty stoked about that right now.  I think he’s managed to get his lock into the 20s.  He ran RFC a couple times with some PUGs and learned has even managed to get himself a mention in this week’s noobstake.  What’d he do?  A couple things.  (1) Feared a mob that aggro’d the whole room and wiped the party.  I lol’d when he told me.  His group was pretty understanding about it when he explained that he just started playing and he learned his lesson.  (2)  Melee Warlock? Nuff said!  (3) One last thing, shadowbolt > wanding.  Start using your mana, and your life tap, and your drain life and your DoT’s and all the other eeeevil goodness that is TeH lock.

So I’m pretty stoked.  I’m saddened that it took him this long to see the light/come over to the dark side, but can’t wait for him to get up high enough to start enjoying the endgame with us.  I doubt he’ll get much time there with the impending expansion and all, but it should be enough time that he’s able to learn his class half-decently.

As my previous post alluded to, I’m focused on getting my hunter to 70, which isn’t all that far off.  After that, I’m going to try to keep pace with him on my rogue (if I can).  If not, I’ll help him out where I can and get him to our level as fast as possible. 


On another note, our posse of 5 (now 7) may soon be looking for a new guild.  Some guild drama that happened while I was unplugged from wow saw an end to the Salvation guild and while we currently have a tag over our names, we’re thinking about heading into another guild that suits our play styles a little better.  Either Sylus or myself will update more on that when we get it figured out.


Since Grim is getting ever closer to 70, I’ve been thinking about what gear he should be getting to start raiding.  I’ve been trying to work on a little guide to getting Kara ready without extreme grinding or spending lots of gold.  Unfortunately, work has been very busy of late, and most of my free time has been spent actually leveling instead of writing/researching blog posts, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.  And I still have a few more weeks of this heavier work load and then I’ll be travelling some more for work.  So I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to get it finished.  I will try though, so look out for that in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I’m going to be getting to 70, getting some of the essential faction rep requirements that I need for heroics, head/shoulder enchants and the odd piece of gear here or there.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some badge gear and get started in Kara by July/August.  Even though I’ve done Kara a bunch of times, there are still a few bosses I haven’t seen before and I’d like to see them at least once before Wrath gets released.  Other than that, I’d like to see Mag once as well.  I’ve downed Gruul several times, and I’ve even been in SSC and TK (without downing anything) at least once.  I doubt I’ll ever get to see MH/BT, but thats okay.  Seeing as how I didn’t start playing until BC was released and didn’t hit 70 until almost a year later, I’m a bit late to the raiding party as it were.  I am definately looking forward to raiding a bit more seriously when Wrath comes out and I’ll be on a bit more of an even footing with everyone else. 

Well thats all the time I have for aimless ramblings today. 


General Melee-ze

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Mailaise, or in this case, Melee-ze is "an ‘out of sorts’ kind of feeling" – Wikipedia .

So ya, I’ve had that kind of feeling in game over the last week.  Last Tuesday I got together with White Pox from the Pox Arcanum Anti-PUG expirement, which was an excellent time.  We’d had scheduling issues for the past couple of months and getting off the ground was becoming a problem, but we were able to get into RFC and down it all.

After that though, the week just seemed to slide by, leaving me with that out of sorts kind of feeling.  All of my friends, and myself included, had a pretty weird week as far as RL schedules went, so we didn’t really get to meet up in game all that much until last night.  So there was no runs, no grouping with the usual suspects, just simple, mindless level (read: quest) grinding.  That in of itself wasn’t so odd, and it actually was great for my hunter.  I was able to get him up to level 68 as of Saturday and as of last night he’s about 80% to 69.  So 70 isn’t that far off.  But I just keep getting this feeling when I’m in game. 

I think the culprit is all of the hype that has been news from Blizzard as of late.  All of this new info they put out has focused everyone (read: me) on what some of the content of the expansion is going to be.  I know the expansion is a ways off still, but I seemed to get the feeling that it seems more immediate in game.  People now feel its growing closer and may not want to put in as much effort into the things they might have if there wasn’t an expansion on the horizon.  I don’t know, maybe I’m a bit off the wall on this.  Like I said, its still a ways off, but at the same time, it does seem that much closer.

For me, even though I’m going to be hitting 70 very soon, I am going to be travelling for work quite a bit during the summer, so I’m going to be missing some prime gaming time, when most of the BC content will be rapidly approaching its expiry date.  In June I’ll be heading back home for a week, and then going to Iceland for a conference for another week.  In July, I’m going to be going to Hawaii for three weeks and I’ll likely be taking a vacation sometime in August.  Before I rightfully get flamed, I’m not complaining about the travelling, as Iceland and Hawaii are both awesome places to get to see (even if it is for work), but I do kinda feel like I’m not going to get the chance to do some of the end game stuff that I was hoping to get a chance to see before Wrath gets released.

So I’m getting to my point in my roundabout way.  This general feeling of melee-ze is hitting and I’m wondering if its just me.  Anyone else getting that sense, that "out of sorts kind of feeling"?