Abadon is flying high!

Yesterday was a very productive day. With the help of a buddy, the one and only spinrock, I was able to get the 5200 gold I needed to finally get my epic flying mount!!! I was so stoked! It was amazing seeing that much gold in my bag at one time!!! It almost hurt to drop it all at once.

Until I actually got atop the mighty beast. WOW. That sucker cooks across the sky!!! I was so impressed with the flying mount that I will have to get one for Syllus as well. But, first I have to get Spinrock cooking across the sky!!!

The horde epic flyer looks sweet, but I think Abadon wants the drake and the cenearion expedition epic flyer too….decisions, decisions.


2 Responses to “Abadon is flying high!”

  1. Yar indeed my friend, yar indeed.

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