The Guild

No, not my guild, or a guild I am in, but definatly one I would join!!! This week’s “How I wow” podcast was with Felecia Day, creator, actress, and all around cool chick from “the Guild.” What exactly is “The Guild” you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s a web based series that follows te out of game lives of six guild members that meet up. Wackiness ensues as the episodes unfold. Their are nine episodes out to date, and they have won several awards for this ground breaking series. You can find them at their website, or you can get them from youtube and itunes.

The cast of the guild is top notch, and very hilarious. Their are tons of one liners, and the outtakes are outrageous. If you haven’t seen this show, go watch it now! You can even skip the rest of this post! Just go watch it! If you have seen it, but haven’t visited the site in a while, go there as well, Their is an awesome thank you video where Felicia Day dances to some DDR….it’s very entertaining to say the least. Anyway, have fun watching the guild, and I’ll get back with you all later.

~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “The Guild”

  1. Thanks for the post on the show! We really appreciate it and are happy you enjoy what we do.

    Also, I like your blog layout, very cool!

  2. We love the show, and are glad you guys are keeping up the great work!

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