New Banner

Many thanks to the Pugnacious Priest for the excellent walkthrough on how to create a custom banner using Photobucket. 

I took the screenshot last night and was able to develop the banner in about twenty minutes, after trying several different layouts.

The Horde banners on either side of the banner were the clincher for me to change it.  I did like the old banner, but I don’t think it truly said ‘For the Horde’.  However, while this banner is a bit closer to that idea, I’m thinking that this too will only be a temporary banner until I can get the one that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

So what do you think of the new banner?


5 Responses to “New Banner”

  1. pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog Says:

    I like it.. 😛 thanks for the plug..

  2. very nice…but can’t get too attached to it huh? ’cause you are going to get rid of it?

    But seriously and all…looks fantastic

  3. Well the other plan is kinda a ways off… its more just an idea at this point… So ya, go ahead and get atttached… When I do change it, sundering the hopes and dreams of all, it will be a good day…. for me anyways 😀

  4. looks sick!!!!!

  5. @ Sy – I assure you Grim had his flu shot this year.

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