The Unamed Boar is (Unamed) No Longer

EDIT: For the winner of the Arena team naming contest, have patience, it should be out soon.  Me and Sy have already talked it over and we just need to talk to Nim first before we finalize it.

Okay, so last week we started a contest for naming an Arena team, and along with that I asked for help with naming my new pet Boar.  I want to thank everyone who made a suggestion, they were all great and it was truly appreciated.  A special thanks goes to Mania, who also posted a link from her blog over to that post which helped generate much more visibility than there otherwise would’ve been.

This morning I looked at all the names and started crossing off the ones that immediately were out of place.  While Britney Spears and Swinefeld were pretty funny, they weren’t all that great as RP names.  So that narrowed the list down as well.  Ultimately, I got it down to nine of the suggestions.  There wasn’t one that stood that out above all the rest as THE name for my boar, so I decided to look up many of the suggestions in the hopes that it would spark a name or a variation thereof that felt right.

Ultimately, Gullinborsti led me to look into Norse mythology quite a bit deeper and I came across the name Valkyrie.  From Wikipedia, the Valkyries were:

“Minor female deities, who served Odin.  The valkyries’ purpose was to choose the most heroic of those who had died in battle and to carry them off to Valhalla, where they became einherjar (spirits of outstanding fighters).”

I actually also heard this name recently as it was used in Battlestar Galactica.  It was the name given to the ship that Adama commanded prior to the Galactica.  When I read it and said it outloud, ‘Grimshott and Valkyrie’ sounded right.  I’m sure I’ll end up refering to them more as ‘Grim and Val’ but this too, sounds right.  So there you have it.  Once again a great big thank you to all those who submitted suggestions, and for Tar(ina) at WoW Sauce, who suggested the name that ultimately led me to Valkyrie, you get pie!  Enjoy:


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