Yesterday was a very odd day for me, I woke up early (like 5:30 in the freaking morning early) and got on the ol’ computer to do a few dailies before work. I hemhawed with who to do the dailies first, and decided that my hunter would be the wise choice first thing in the morning, as I could sit back, have my bird, Spot, do all the work while I ping arrows at a distance. I figured, well, one or two, then I’ll go to work early, get paper work done, get filing done, and spend some time on the forums, blogs, and comics that really make work bearable. No such luck. Before I knew it I had been doing dailies for almost two hours. I was finished with all of the Isle of Da’nas quests, and most of the quests around the outlands… WOW, I have to go to work.

So, once at work, everything goes to the crapper. I have to drive an hour out of my way to go help out at an event my staff were supposed to cover, but conveniently they were sick….mmhmm. I’ll be chatting with this individual later… Due to the fact that I was there all day, meant two things. 1. That I wouldn’t be catching up on blogs, emails, posts, and web comics, and 2. I would not be doing legitimate work either (I wasn’t broken up over that one though!) Oh, and the event….outside…..the weather….raining… socks, shoes, cell phone, wallet, and even underware….SOAKED!!!!!!

Once at home I had a peaceful dinner with the Mrs., then wow time for me. I had one round of dailies done, and still needed to knock them out with my rogue, Syllus. It took about an hour and a half, but I knocked all my usual ones out, and debated how to spend the rest of my evening.

I still needed gold, and due to the fact that I needed to spend more for mats to cover some of syllus’ gear changes,(I had him pretty decked out in a pvp set of gear, and need to up the antie with my pve gear, as he will be my raider in < Salvation> ) I needed to find a way to gather the gold coins. Hmmmm. I guess I could farm…but farming is BORING, and their are always others farming the same thing…but wait! Everyone is busy doing the Isle daily quests….maybe, just maybe, their won’t be anyone farming! Now the important question of the night, what to farm…I do a quick once over on the auction house to see what is selling well, and what is overstocked at the time. The best bet for me would be primal fires. So, off the the elemental plataue. I brought Abadon, the hunter, along for some easy farming sessions. To my surprise, I was the only one up there!! In about 40 minutes I was able to gather enough motes to create 3 primal fires, and have 6 motes left over!!! They are selling for around 30+G each. I think I’ll start farming a bit more and earn back that money that I’ve loaned out through the First National Bank of Sy!!!!


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