Over the last couple of days / weeks, we’ve been talking about looking to join a guild on Cenarion Circle.  We were looking for a guild that is mid-way through Kara, not one already farming Gruul.  We’d like to contribute in meaningful ways and not get speed run through these things for gear.  After extensive browsing on the WoW forums I learned three things. 

1.  If you’re geared for SP 25 go to the guild recruitment forums, apparently thats the only thing that guilds need right now.

2.  The Cenarion Circle realm forums have a list of Horde guilds that is maintained by a very nice volunteer who is doing the best she can.  Unfortunately, most of the info has been outdated since mid-2007.

3.  I needed a Tylenol.

So, what did I find.  Well I found a couple guilds that were at about our progression level.  The first was a couple groups of friends that had come together in a guild and were looking to casually start with the 10 man raids.  Unfortunately, their group composition and numbers just didn’t seem to fit with what we were bringing.  Which reminds me, what were we bringing?  Well this:

Me: 70 Frost Mage
64 BM Hunter

Sy: 70 BM/SV Hunter
70 Rogue (Not sure on spec)

Nim: 70 MS Warrior

Reav: 66 Holy Priest

Taki: 66 Prot Pally

The second guild I found, was a relatively small guild, that had a brief description and a link to their forums.  So I checked it out.  They had just downed Prince for the first time and they were looking to get enough people to 70 to start a second Kara group.  Last night I mentioned it to the others on vent and Sy decided to whisper their GL and chat with him.  Well the talks went well and so we all decided to join up.  As of now, we are all members of <Salvation>. 

After all the invites, we all jumped over to their vent server and chatted with them for a bit, getting to know each other.  So far they seem like a great group of people, so we’re all looking forward to good times with some new friends.

A final note.  They recently had a contest to develop a tabard and what they come up just looks snazzy!  I don’t have a screenshot to post right now, but when I get home for lunch I’ll be putting getting a few screenshots of Fikkle/Grim to post so you can all check it out.

EDIT: So here is both Fikkle and Grim wearing the snazzy <Salvation> tabard.  Personally, I think For The Horde just got a bit sexier! 😉


One Response to “Salvation”

  1. I’m really excited to see if this is going to be our home, I have high hopes, and feel really good about it. If nothing else, they have KILLER tabbards!!!

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