Having Fun with Searches

So the Great Green Hunter decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a post about search terms that had been used to find the blog, as I’ve done in the past.  After reading it (and laughing my butt off as well), I decided to check the search terms today. 

To the person looking for a ‘suggestion of fun name’: How bout <tonnesofun>

To the person looking for ‘w0w r@ndy v@11ey p!mp’:  Um, stop looking for pr0n on teh interwebz.

Those were all the good ones.  Everyone one else was looking (FROST) for a mage (FROST) leveling (FROST) spec (FROST).  Well (FROST) I’m not really (FROST) sure of (FROST) what to tell (FROST) ya.  If I were (FROST) you, I might (FROST) head over to (FROST) Critical QQ (FROST) and check out (FROST) his suggestions for (FROST) leveling (FROST) as a mage (FROST) until level 50 (FROST).

Oh, and what’s up with no Warp Stalker searches?  I’m positive that I’ve mentioned the Warp Stalker before?  No?  Well I do know that the Warp Stalker is a powerful and mystical creature.  Actually, that’s not true, I don’t know that.  It does look like that thing Obi Wan rides in Star Wars Ep 3 though.  (oooh, I want a WARP STALKER MOUNT!1!1!1!1)  So ya, if you’re looking for information on Warp Stalkers, I know nothing.  If you’re looking for skins on Warp Stalkers, I know nothing.  And if you’re looking for stats on Warp Stalkers I know nothing.  In fact, I hear that Great Green Hunter knows all you need to know about Warp Stalkers.  You can check it all out over there!



2 Responses to “Having Fun with Searches”

  1. Lactic Acid Says:

    oh my – how evil XD

  2. he he he… I’m HORDE…. I’m like that!

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