Fikkle of the Shattered Sun!

Last week I had a conversation with Sy that went something like this:

Me: Hey, I figured out what the requirements are for that new SSO title.
Sy: Oh, really? So what’d you find out?
Me: Well once you get to Exalted you can get a quest to pay 1000g to get the title.
Sy: Holy crap!
Me: I know. I totally want it!
Sy: What for? Thats a total waste of money!
Me: I know and I don’t care I want it.
Sy: Dude, you don’t even have your epic flyer yet, save your cash, you’ll regret it if you don’t.
Me: I know, I still don’t care, I want it… Its my precious!

Well, that may be a bit off, but we were on vent, so no chat log to screenshot, but you get the point.  I haven’t had the chance to get a title for any of my characters before, and this is the first one that has been ‘in reach’ so-to-speak. 

So Fikkle ding’d Exalted with the SSO and picked up his title tonight. I spent 300g buying Primal Mights from Sy yesterday for my Runed Eternium Rod, so he loaned it back to me so I could get my title tonight, instead of having to wait a few more days.  So now, I am Fikkle of the Shattered Sun! 


You all can still call me Fikkle though.  Except you Sy.  You must refer to me as Fikkle of the Shattered Sun from now on.  That is all.

EDIT: Okay, so thats not all.  Congrats to Euripedes of the Shattered Sun!


6 Responses to “Fikkle of the Shattered Sun!”

  1. Yes, I will call you Fikkle of the shattered sun, when I don’t own half that title!!! So, until then, I’ll call you, “hey, where’s my money?” Just playin dude, I’m glad you got your title! I’m not even exalted with either of my toons and I’m happy to help. Plus, when I get my elite flyer, I’ll be flying circles around you, and rubbing it in! So, enjoy your moment in the sun! (get it, do you see what I did there?)


  2. Nope. I totally missed that. Seriously. Do you want to go over it again so that I might catch it this time. Actually, you know what, I’ll just send all of my SSO minions over to pick up on it for me. See, now that they think I’m super 1337, they do whatever I tell them… Link gank Sy… I mean go see Sy… Note to self, stop publishing private memos…

  3. I’ve decided to go over ita gain, per your request!
    “enjoy your moment in the sun”
    As in shattered sun, as in the title you blew 1000 gold for, and the flying mount that I’ll have 1000g sooner than you, and be flying circles around you and your SLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW flying mount!


  4. Okay, then lets race when you get your epic flyer. Fikkle against (whoever gets the mount). Lets say, start at the Dark Portal and first one to Shatt via Netherstorm wins.

  5. Hey Fikkle/Sylus :P. Long time no see d00ds, been missin ya, I see you guys have a vent, can I have the info? 😀

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