Okay, so my laptop arrived today!  Actually, I had to chat with DELL, call DELL, call Purolator, call the local Purolator depot and then go pick it up, but I have it!

So, to all the POX Arcanum folks, I won’t have to back out of White POX, I may need a few days to get internet set up once I get there though.

/smile like a fool 😀


5 Responses to “DELL XPS M1730 (WOOT, WOOT!)”

  1. WHAT WHAT!!!! I told you you would get it, Mr. Doubting Man You!!!

  2. Ya ya, you can cut the ‘o ye of little faith’ bit… Btw, you still need to do a WOW post today… Yep, I said it… Posting on Star Wars =/= posting on WoW… Nice try but no cigar… So get busy guy! Hey, guy, wanna go play counterstrike guy?

    Lol, I totally gotta get caught up on CAD.

  3. Yes, spend an evening reading all the old stuff, it’s CLASSIC!!! And, I know I need to write one on wow. I’ll post some screenies too when I get home, maybe sy in a bakini, or Abadon in his manly orc-thong!

  4. Gartz on the computer.

  5. Thanks! 😀

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