Poly Power!

So in my daily morning read I was going over the most recent post at BBB and noticed that he was discussing up coming changes from the test realm patch notes for patch 2.4.2, which you can read about here.

The most interesting part of the discussion at BBB was about polymorph (the ones cast by a mob on a PC).  In the patchnotes it is stated that this affect will no longer heal a target.  Now as there are only a few fights that come to mind where mobs polymorph (at level 70ish), one being the Shade of Aran.  BBB already discussed this, as did his commenters, so I won’t go over it.  What I want to cover is whether we can expect to see this change being implemented for a Mage’s Polymorph.  The patch notes talk about this change affecting a polymorph that is cast from a Mob/NPC onto a PC.  They will no longer be healed.  This change would only affect PvE.  However, if this change were to affect a Mage’s Polymorph, then it would have much more serious implications.  I for one, wouldn’t view it as a nerf for PvE anymore, but a buff for PvE and a balancing change for PvP.  If you look at all forms of CC, Polymorph is the only one that heals a target back to full health.  In Arenas, any class can CC, only a Mage can CC and heal his opponents. (Note: as far as I know. I can’t think of any others that heal a target, but if I’m wrong, let me know). 

In fact, some of the other CC, such as a Warlocks Deathcoil, can still do damage to an enemy while they’re CC’d.  (I would consider Fears to be an effective form of CC in Arenas as there is no risk of aggro’ing any adds, which is the one drawback of Fear in PvE).

While I do use polymorph when I enter the arenas, it is very situational.  I will use it twice at the very start of the fight to CC something.  The first time assuming they will use their trinket, the second to re-apply CC.  At the start of a fight, health doesn’t matter.  As the fight wears on, it becomes more and more of a liability to polymorph anything as it saves the opposing healer mana and gives your enemy more longevity, especially with the diminishing returns on CC nowadays.

As for PvE, this would be another great change.  If a Mage’s target gets dotted by accident (and that does happen quite a bit) a Mage would then be able to switch targets to another mob and polymorph it (which we can do now, but if its damage, you’ll have to burn it down again).

To be honest, I don’t really see them making this change, although I don’t really see it being such a bad thing.  I know from experience that I get sheep’d just as much as I sheep in Arenas, so I would also be losing out on the free heals.

What do you think?


One Response to “Poly Power!”

  1. meh, off the top of my head I would say that I’d miss the heals. Playing predominately a warrior and an enhancement shammy, I’m pretty vulnerable to CC. So the silver lining is that, as I’m sitting there watching the fight go on around me, at least I’m getting some heals.

    However, your arguments also make sense. Especially in Arenas.

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