Mister T

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with NElf Mohawks, Misters, Ts, or any type of BA Baracus’.  But the title says…. Yes, the title says Mister T, but its actually just a play on one of the shortforms I’ve been seeing around for Magister’s Terrace.  Not sure if BBB has seen it since the last time he did the WI Podcast, but its out there.  Personally, I don’t care whether its called MgT, MrT, MT5… whatever.  We all get the idea.  I just chuckle every time I see MrT because theres so many jokes… Oh so many jokes.  Plus I totally love the commercial with the NElf Mowak in it… Okay, so I lied, there is mention of a NElf Mohawk, but I die laughing every time… he he he…

Okay, sorry, back on track.  Magister’s Terrace.  Yes.  I was out doing the dailies in BEM last night.  Following the normal routine, but decided to throw in the Ogri’la dailies as well since I had the extra time and the extra cash couldn’t hurt.  I had just tamed my last Aether Ray, which is the quest I always do last, so I can turn it in and get rid of those *deleted for content* stupid *deleted for content* things!  Sorry, anyways, I’m heading to turn it in and I get a whisper.  Hey, you interested in coming for MrT?  Okay, so I laughed… I did, but I said yes.  I’ve been in there once and the group imploded on itself cause the tank couldn’t keep the mobs off the healer who then couldn’t heal anyone including himself… you’ve heard the story before I’m sure. 

So he throws me an invite and of course its just him (Warrior) and a Pally.  So I’m thinking, With my damn luck the warrior will be Arms/Fury and the Pally will be Ret!  But I’m so tired of PUGs breaking up before they start because of a lack of tank/healer that I don’t even care, I just went on doing dailies while I waited (out on the Isle).

Pretty soon a Rogue joins the group and then a few minutes later we get a Lock.  This is where I assume the Warrior and Pally let us all in on their plan that two of us have to go cause they’re not tank or heals.  And then I get a summon.  So I accept, its only about a thirty second run away, but I’m lazy.  I get there.  /target Pally.  /inspect.  WoW, he is holy.  I’m kinda surprised.  /tar Warrior.  /inspect.  WoW, he is Prot.  This is just… I’m speechless.  I may actually get to do this instance.

Okay, so a little more background.  Over the last week as I’ve been trying to get my SSO rep to exalted, I’ve been joining the LFG for MrT the entire time that I’m doing dailies.  Normally, its about two hours, start to finish, depending on the drop rates of a few things and how motivated I am to finish quickly.  Over the last week, LFG has worked only once to put me in a group that could actually consider going in.  See above about implosion.  So I was pretty excited.  I’d seen right up until the 5 mob boss fight, that fight being the first thing that I had no idea what to expect.  It was a little harry at first and I’m pretty sure the lock missed his CC responsibility (either late or it was resisted) because fairly shortly into the fight the Warrior and I were the only ones left alive.  We wiped, of course as none of them had gone down yet.  5 on 2? Ouch! 

Second try, things went a lot smoother and we moved on, getting to Kael in short order.  Start the wipe fest.  It was bad.  We wiped about 5 to 6 times on him.  I believe that I did fairly well, as I was generally the last one alive with the Warrior on almost every attempt.  Now, I did throw my PvP gear on for this fight.  I’m not sure how much the Resil reduces the periodic damage you take while floating, but I know the 10k Stamina that I had (while buffed) for the fight sure as heck helped to keep me alive a lot longer.  Just to compare I believe the lock had around 6k hit points.  We eventually downed him and he didn’t really drop anything I could use, and I lost the roll, so I sharded a blue something or other for the pally and we all went our separate ways.

It was enjoyable for a first run through.  I believe after the third wipe on Kael, the lock ran out of shards, so he zoned out to go farm a bunch and we all stood around waiting.  I decided to break it down, Dance Dance Revolution, Sunwell style, right in front of Kael!  Um, Kael, you got served!


2 Responses to “Mister T”

  1. Grats on the run dude! I was so stoked to get to revered with Abadon this morning! Exalted here I come! One thing I am a little bit disappointed at…you got servered….come on dude, I’m a little ashamed you know the reference…

    Serving sinse 2005,
    ~Uncle Sy

  2. I first heard about ‘You Got Served’ in a Southpark parody of whatever the true reference is. I still don’t actually know… Just that the Southpark episode is hilarious. Picture 4 kids walking on the sidewalk. 4 other kids come up from the other direction. They all stop. The second group hits the tunes on their stereo, dances for 10 seconds and says ‘you got served’, then walks away… The first 4 kids just stand there going: ‘What just happened?’ Roflmao

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